no.1 Sound, music and sensation of spatiality (Luca Forcucci)

no.2 The relation of visuals to music: Corpo, Carne e Espírito (Johannes Birringer)

no.3 Corpo, Carne e Espírito: a digital oratorio (Paulo C. Chagas)

no. 4 Alias (Marko Ciciliani)

no. 5 Bluebeard's Castle (Johannes Birringer)


from the contemporary music/theatre and installation context:

no. 6 Rebecca Saunders' Klang-Räume (Gerhard Rohde)



Forthcoming Publications

2008 Johannes Birringer, Performance, Technology, and Science, New York:PAJ Publications.



Texte und Kommentare zum Labor 2008 werden hier veröffentlicht

Texts and commentaries on the 2008 lab and related research subjects will be published here.