6. Internationales Interaktionslabor


Performance and Interactive Technologies

Facilitated by Johannes Birringer

Francisco Nunes Theatre
Wednesday 18June - Sunday 22nd June
18:30 to 22:30



18.3o - 20:00 Welcome/Introduction

Theatre and Engineering

1. “Open Score"/Bob Rauschenberg & Billy Klüver;

2. L'instant decisif, interactive dance with Katsura Isobe, sensor programming and photography by Paul Verity Smith

3. Marion Tränkle, ANI_MATE theatre machine
20 :15 - 21:00 Create lab environment, introduce tools and themes
21:00 - 22:3o Collaborative Method: writing/composition/mise-en-scène
"Physical Camera" experiment with actors, dancers,
and visual artists. Live Sound (computer)



18:3o -20:oo Sources and Materials: Performance and Interaction

Excerpts from Brasil move Berlim: "Wagner Ribot Pina Miranda Xavier le Schwartz Transobjeto" by Wagner Schwartz

"Verissimilitude", by Zikzira Teatro Fîsico, BH

20:30 -22:30 Collaborative Method: composition with live camera, projection, microphone and objects in space


18.3o-20:oo Sources and Materials

Sandro Henrique with Luciene Bernardes: "Metavideo"

Luca Forcucci: Sound and Spatiality

(for sound work listen to "the cube")

Sources and Materials: Klaus Obermaier, Apparition & kondition pluriel: extrats du travail: schème II & entre-deux

20:3o-22:3o Collaborative Method:
Performance-installation strategy and scenography.
Use of video projection in performance, video as light, and questions of video/cinematic space/multimedia theatre space. Narrative and non-linearity.
Designing Visual Strategies


Telepresence Experiment (Belo Horizonte / Rio de Janeiro)
19:oo-20:3o Movement, dance, and telematic interactivity
20:3o-22:3o Collaborative Method:
Composition with telepresence and distributed space

Sources and Materials. (Transmute: Intimate Transaction)

Film Excerpt from "Intimate Transaction"



Quasi-Cinemas (Hélio Oiticica)

Movement A: Ulf Langheinrich, Toshiko Oiwa

Film Excerpts from Movement A

Patricia Siqueira: Chão
20 :oo-22:3o Space, Physics, Organization, Distribution
Collaborative Method:


suspended projected transobjeto.

All Photos (c) L:uca Forcucci



For Luiz Carlos Garrocho's website blog on the workshop and critical ideas on "Performance e Tecnologia", go here. For his commentaries on the workshop, see (1)
Textualidades Cênicas Contemporâneas ; (2) Os Novos Jogos da Performance ; and (3)
Paisagens Sonoras Imaginárias


Further notes on design and performance concepts are published on this site.





Participants / Teilnehmer




Allgemeine Beschreibung des Labors/ General Description of the Lab
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