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Martin Dupras


Electroacoustic Musician/Programmer



Martin Dupras is a lecturer in Sonic Arts and Interactive Media at the Faculty of Art, Media and Design at the University of the West of England, Bristol (UK.) He is a composer and artist whose work attempts to bridge the gap between electroacoustic fixed-medium music, and installation and performance art. His work has been performed in Canada, USA, the Netherlands, France, Brazil, Japan and the UK. His main research interest is in the development of real-time algorithms for interactive and generative installation and performance artwork.

He created the Csound mailing list in 1994, and has contributed a chapter on Meta Parameter Control in the MIT Press "Csound Book", edited by Richard Boulanger. He is active in the open-source computer music community and has contributed several files, tutorials and help documents for computer music software, such as Csound,jMax, Pure Data and PeRColate.

He has contributed interaction design (with Paul Verity Smith) on "Dead East, Dead West" a multi-media real-time performance by Sue Broadhurst (ICA, London, 2003) which involved the generation of real-time 3D graphics and sound based on the movement of stage performers. He has also contributed interaction design (with Paul Verity Smith) for "Where Do We Go From Here?", a non-linear audio-visual drama involving saxophonist Andy Sheppard and film-maker Barbara Hawkins.

A native of Montreal (Canada), he studied Electroacoustic Music Composition at Universite de Montreal, with Jean Piche and Francis Dhomont, at Dartmouth College (NH, USA) with Jon Appleton, Larry Polansky and Charles Dodge, and at University of Wales, Bangor (UK) with Andrew Lewis.