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Gyohei Zaitsu

(Paris, Frankreich)




Professional Career:


1996-97 Mime-to Company, directed by Happy Yoshizawa (Tokyo)

1998 El Timbal Theater School( Barcelana), Bont¹s International Clown School ( Ibiza),

Workshop of body expression with Haru Yamanouchi( Rome)

Workshop of mime with Theatre du Mouvement ( Paris)

1999 Corporal Mime School with Ivan Bacchiochi( Paris),

Workshop of Butoh Dance with Masaki Iwana ( Paris), with Kazuo Ohno (Yokohama)

Starts solo dance performance mostly improvised and makes more than 150 performances in Europe and in Japan until now.


2000 Spectacle of Butoh Dance ³The fantome of the spirit², duo with Maki Watanabe

Representations; Direct Dance Festival( Normandie,France)

Spectacle of Butoh Dance ³Be-There²

Representations; Bertin Poiree Cultural Space( Paris) Spectacle of Butoh Dance ³The passage of a little nothing²

Representations; Extreme Orient Festival( Paris)

Å@ Spectacle of Butoh Dance Œ¹ Illogical body¹¹ Representations;

Tokyo Zone Festival(Café de la danse,Paris)

2001 Spectacle of Butoh Dance ³ The play of the nature², duo with Maki Watanabe

Representations; Dance Box Festival (Paris)

Spectacle of Butoh Dance Œ¹Things pray¹¹

Representations; Guillotine (Paris)

Spectacle of Butoh Dance ³The process of the rebirth²,choregraphy for 9 dancers

Representations; Butoh Dance Festival(Paris)

Spectacle of Butoh Dance ³Be-There²,²Blooming²,²Illogical body²

Representations; International Mime Festival of Perigueux(Perigueux,France)

Spectacle of Butoh Dance ³Butoh and Piano², avec Isao Yu(piano)

Representations; Festival Cinema et Culture d¹Asie (Lyon,France)


2002 Spectacle of Butoh Dance ³Gyohei Dance² With Kizan Daiyoshi(shakuhachi) and Yutaka Yoshida(percussions)

Representations; Asagaya Drum(Tokyo)

Spectacle of Butoh Dance ³The Life-Dance² with Alan Silva(bass), Itaru Oki(trompette),Makoto Sato(drums),Isao Yu(piano)

Representations; La Fenetre(Paris) Spectacle of Butoh Dance ³Butoh and music², with Isao Yu and Maki Watanabe Representations; l¹Ovale 203 (Lyon) Spectacle of Butoh Dance ³A flower without name²with Takahiro Shimizu(accordion)

Representations; Studio Shala(Paris), UNESCO(Paris),Jazz Festival(Madagascar)

Butoh Dance with Free Form Ensemble (composition and direction by Alan Silva) in Sacred Mountain Project (Poschiavo,Switzerland), e.t.c.

Spectacle of Butoh Dance with Andreas Froeba(lap-top-music)

Representations ; Festival Autunno Danza(Cagliari,Italy),e.t.c.



Spectacle of Butoh Dance Œ¹A flower without name¹¹with Takahiro Shimizu(accordeon)

Representations ; Plan- B(Tokyo), AI-PLAZA (Okayama,Japan)

Butoh Dance improvisation with Pascal Battus(guitar),Sharif Sehnaoui(guitar), Stéphane Rives(saxophone), Christine Sehnaoui(saxophone)

Representations ; Les Voûtes(Paris)

Spectacle of Butoh Dance Œ¹ A flower without name¹¹ with Takahiro Shimizu(accordeon)

Representations ; Butoh Dance Festival (Paris) Un ete a Bourge Festival (Bourge, France)

Butoh Dance in Œ¹ Parcours de Vesone¹¹ Representations ; International Mime Festival of Perigueux(Perigueux France)