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Veronica Endo


Dancer, choreographer, performer


Veronica was born in Lima, and since 1983 worked there a young professional ballet dancer.

Since then she has been confronted with neo-classic, modern and contemporary repertoires within prestigious international companies: The Hungarian National Theatre in Pécs (as a main dancer), The Hungarian Opera House in Budapest and Chilean Ballet amongst others.

She works today in close cooperation with artists of very different horizons like theatre, music, circus, and video and mainly in the research and the creative use of the new technologies applied to dance.

With a professional background as mixed as her origins, Veronica approaches these various arts with the same desire of sharing and provoking interaction with the other.


Professional Experience

"Fata Ole" Project 2004-2005 Premier Nov 2004: Dance, theatre, arts of the circus, video, music; work with masks. Choreography and artistic direction: Veronica Endo; also in the role of Fata Ole.

"Aya" Choreography, interpretation: Veronica Endo, Karl Pakemar. Dance - mix media Performance. Tour in Japan 2004. With the support of the General Council, YCAM Japan. Dance, video and music installation. Directed by Keiko Courdy.

"Trou de Mémoire" Actress. French theatre company "Les Héritiers", directed by Jean Claude Rousseau. Text, dance and video.

"Yugao" actress-dancer. Theatre du Nord-Ouest. Directed by Damiane Goudet. Choreography: V Endo, Yugao: V Endo- Paris, April May-June 2004

"Samsara" Dancer-actress of the Company Capriola - Belgium. Dance, theatre, music, and improvisation. Choreography Nadi Malegreaux. March-December 2004

Project "La Lune de Quentin", bi-lingual dance-theatre and circus performance for children. Created in 2003. Performed in Peru, Spain and France. Choreography and artistic direction: Veronica Endo. Also in the role of "La Lune". (Will be performed in Paris Nov 2005 including a video installation).

"Troyens" dancer-actress. Theatre Châtelet ­Paris. Directed by Janis Kokos. Choreog