Gray Gallery

30. Juli 2005 20:oo-23:oo h

Streaming poetry performance installation, opening the night and closing the event, with Gyohei Zaitsu (performance) and Götz Rogge (streaming media).

"Six Second Dances" - Katsura Isobe performing with interactive sensors and controlling movement of images, with interaction design by Paul Verity Smith, Martin Dupras and Jeremy Hattosh-Nemeth

"Canções dos olhos / Augenlieder" presentation of DVD installation, with brief live interface danced by Veronica Endo, with music by Paulo C. Chagas, film by Johannes Birringer, and recorded voice by sopranos April Crane and Hannah Morrison.

The evening began and ended with the butoh dance/ streaming poetry installation. Later in the night, Isabel Valverde showed a documentary poetry journal she had created during her stay in the Mine. The evening ended at 4:30 am.

We thank all our guests, audiences and supporters.

Special thanks to DeepWeb and Willi & Sebastian Meiser for support in the creation of the webstream from the Gray Gallery. Thanks also to TK Media Schmelz for telecommunications support.