Internationales Interaktionslabor

18-31 July 2005




Programm Erste Woche / First Week Program

Monday July 18: Arrival and Introductions


Tuesday July 19: First Workshop

Wednesday July 20: Lab work and Experiments: Webcast performance link between Interaktionslabor and Kyoto



with live and network performances on the side of Kamogawa river at Imadegawa. Start at 20:00PM _Japan Time _ 14:oo h GMT


You can send a message or photos by Mobile Phone or Computer email to and everyone will enjoy them on or on the screen along the river. We will insert some photos during the evening. You can also participate by ICHAT if you wish.

Veronica Endo and Katsura Isobe performing in webcast to Kyoto


Thursday July 21: Film shoots on location, interactive system operations


Friday July 22: 21:oo Film shoots on location, interactive system operations


Saturday July 23: 9:oo und 17:oo Hörspaziergang/Sound Walk in the Forest Event (mit Götz Rogge and Guests)

Urwald Saarbrücken, "Obere Acht"


Sunday July 24: 9:oo und 17:oo Hörspaziergang Event mit Götz Rogge and Guests

Urwald Saabrücken , "Obere Acht"



Programm Zweite Woche / Second Week Program

Events may be scheduled in various locations on July 29 and 30. They will be announced on our website.



Allgemeine Beschreibung des Labors
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