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Ash Bulayev

(Athens, Greece)


Theater/Dance Projects - Original Work

ASH BULAYEV was born in Kiev, Ukraine and resides in Athens, Greece for the moment.

He is a co-Artistic Director of While making a prolonged detour in New York he has created Resistance Theater , working as a co-Artistic Director and member from 1999-2001. Working on original/image/movement infused pieces created through collaborative process with artists from a wide-range of mediums addressing political, social, cultural and carnal issues. He has created multiple original productions ranging from site-specific/multi-location work, interactive installations to dance/theater projects.

Also working in collaboration with: Proto-type Theater Co., Piper-Mckenzie Theater, CanFactory Inc., Hybrid Dance Theater (Greece), CTI (active member), Wooster Group, Anne Bogart and SITI, Bread and Puppet Theater, Alien Action, Madagascar Institute, Blackkat Collective, One Arm Red Theater, Flambe-Volupte, GoodBad Art Collective, Tacheles (Berlin), The Rooster Theater (New Orleans), The End of The World Circus, Museum of Sound Recording (NYC & Amsterdam), Legion of Black Poets, Love Sphere, Stephan Hintsches (Munich), SPAZ, DefCore Collective and political/social groups: Reclaim the Streets (NYC and London), Uhuru Movement, Free Mummia. His work was last seen internationally at the 11th Biannale in Athens, 2003. He will present his new work at Dock11, Berlin in September 2004.



Psycho/Cycle Semio Theater, Athens Greece 2004, Dock11, Berlin Germany 2004

Three Ring Walker Arts Center, HERE Arts Center 2002-3
T.E.LO.S. 11th World Biennale, Athens Greece 2003 RedFestival, NYC 2003
Water Hen Present Company, NYC 2002
Mountain Language Brooklyn Center for Performing Arts, NYC 2002
Storm of Roses Can Factory, NYC 2002
Hamletmachine Resistance Theater, NYC 2001
The Blood of Martyrs Resistance Theater, NYC 2000
DreamFire Resistance Theater, NYC 2000
The Cask of Amontillado Present Company, NYC 2000
AntiGone Resistance Theater, NYC 1999
Love Sphere Theater For the New City, NYC 1999
Rashamon Deerfield Theater, MA 1998

Site Specific Performances

Baku St. Marks Church, NYC 2003
Map Project Can Factory, NYC 2002
Rats 38th St. Gallery, NYC 2001
Reclaim The Streets NYC Streets 2001
Alien Nation Exxon Oil Tank, NYC 2000
Us Barcelona, Spain 2000
MAI Project Rubber Factory, Berlin 1999
Union17 Union Square, NYC 1998

Tendons Meat Market, Cairo Egypt 2000
Transient World Tacheles, Berlin 1999
Float Arsenans Foundation, NYC 1999

Spirals Europe, 2002
The End of the World Circus US Tour , 1999
Der Know Nothing Family Circus Europe, 2001

Artist in Residence - HERE Arts Center 2002-2003
Artist in Residence - Wooster Group 1999
Co-artistic director of Resistance Theater - Brooklyn, NY 1997-2000
SITI company internship with Tadashi Suzuki, and Anne Bogart 1998
Performance Research with Pfepferberg Theater (Berlin) 1998