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Camille Turner

(Toronto, Canada)


Camille Turner is a media/performance artist and cultural producer whose practice involves telling her story using digital media and engaging communities so they can tell theirs.

Most recently, she participated as an international collaborator with The Container Project:

which was initiated and coordinated by Mervin Jarman of the UK based art/activist group Mongrel ( The Container Project is a 40 foot shipping container which has been customized with donated and salvaged computers and converted into a mobile media arts lab. The Container is currently in the small rural village of Palmers Cross, Clarendon in Jamaica and is scheduled to visit various communities throughout the island.

Camille is a founding member of Year Zero One ( - a media collective which acts as a network for the dissemination of and digital culture. She is currently a curatorial resident at InterAccess Electronic Media Arts Centre ( in Toronto, Canada where she is organizing workshops and events that explore the social dimensions of technology.

She is also working on a performance art project called Miss Canadiana, a series of site-specific interventions transformed/translated into public media and online events.