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Workshop about Art, Protocoles Meta animated by Jean Paul Thibeau, Palais de Tokyo, Paris 2004
Interactive Installation, Sequences, curator : Paul St George, London (nov. 2004)
Video Installation, One Day One Night, Haferkamp Art Gallery, Cologne 2002
Vernissage of an exhibition using a DJ & VJ setup for DEF_4, interactive collaboration film making, Kunihiko Nakagawa, IlJuartHouse, Seoul 2002
Interactive video installation for Frogdesign, 50 years of german-italian design, Modern Art Museum KAH, Bonn 2000

Documentation of all Studiometis projects, 2002-2004
Living in Provence, August 2003
Living in Cologne, 2003
Living in Japan, August-September 2002
Living in South Korea, August 2002

Spiderman II, Movie Premiere Party, Fouquets, Paris 2004
Ansichtssachen, Fashionshow & After Show Party, Juwelier Zimmer, Boecker Haus, Castrop Rauxel 2003
Design TV Awards 2003 & After Show Party, Design TV, Kaisersaal, Berlin 2003
Absinth Night, Theater im Depot, Dortmund 2003
Meet Your Maker with Ora-Ito, Design TV, Sony Center, Berlin 2003
Twice Upon A Time, Remix live Video, fashion label Little Red Riding Hood, Cologne 2002
Next Level, Frogdesign Office, Berlin 2000
Fast Fortward, Frogdesign Office, Düsseldorf 1999

Presentation of an interactive furniture « Play On Me »,Show Room Design Métiers d´Art, Morlaix 2004
Development of Studiometis Website 2002-2004
Development of VJ Software (Play On Me) 2001-2004
Design of a brochure to visualise the world in 5 cultures for a Global Management Consultancy,
Paris 2002
Design of a new corporate identity (paper and Internet) for a Mangement Consultancy, Versailles 2001
Senior cross media designer for different projects: user interface for interactive TV (Grundig), user interface for 3D Software (Think 3), e-commerce solutions (SAP), Frogdesign, Düsseldorf 1999
Junior industrial designer involved in the design of gas stations modules (ARAL), Lengyel Design, Essen 1998DVDs
Presentation of 3 Studiometis projects for the Art School of Arnhem, Cologne 2004
Presentation of the fashionshow Ansichtssachen, Cologne 2003

Studiometis "For Your Information", ArtEZ Institute for the arts, Arnhem 2004
VJ, a new language for the 21st century, Gallery der Stadt, Stuttgart 2003
Intervention about the future of film, Zokei University, Tokyo 2002

VJ, Static (live set), Johannes Church, Düsseldorf 2004
VJ, RPM Phuturistix (DJs Zed Bias, Cycle, Injekta), Club Nouveau Casino, Paris 2004
DJ + VJ, Profile Intermedia 6, Messe Halle, Bremen 2003
DJs, Plattensport, RadioShow, Radio Köln Campus, Cologne 2003
VJs, PopKomm 2003 (UK Motion with DJ Bailey, J Majik), Club Alte Wartesaal, Cologne 2003
DJ + VJ, metissage_sessions_06, Zokei University, Tokyo 2002
DJ + VJ, Exhibition Opening of DEF_4, interactive installation, Il JuartHouse Gallery, Seoul 2002
VJs, PopKomm 2001 (Metalheadz Night with DJ Randall), Club Artheater, Cologne 2001
VJs, 31 Records Night (DJ Marcus Intalex), Club Artheater, Cologne 2001

Interview of Cross Cultures Management Consultant about japanese corporate culture, Tokyo 2002
Interview of Cross Cultures Management Consultant about korean corporate culture, Seoul 2002
Consultant in collaboration with KPMG and Oracle for the introduction of a new Executive Information System, Krupp Thyssen Stainless, Essen 1999
Project Manager for the introduction of a new Executive Information System, Elf Oil AG, Düsseldorf and Berlin, 1990-94

Consultant with Assistant Professor Miriam Jakobs for a study about video and its future, Institute of Cinema, Theatre and Television, University of Cologne, Cologne 2002
Kafka, the penitenciary, Sound Design Workshop, Design School AKD, Düsseldorf 2001
Keilmann & Koch, Architecture Office, Corporate Design Workshop, AKD, Düsseldorf 2001
Principles of digital aesthetics using Bauhaus tools, VHS Duisburg, Dortmund 2000

Conceptual Architecture, Erasmus, Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam, 1999
Cross Media Designer, Folkwang University, Essen 1994-99
MBA Controlling & Information Systems, University Paris IX Dauphine, 1985-90

mobility in cities with high density, in collaboration with the Design department of Design of Fiat Italy
the bus station as a communication space in collaboration with Evag, Essen
use of the trunk of the VW Passat in collaboration with the Design Department of Volkswagen Wolfsburg
digital camera (Copernicus)
ecological lightning design (La Miss, Virus, Cogitus, Eros)
wearable PCs (Hi Pad, Leonardo)

Language (Poetry, Media, VJ, Philosophy)
Play On Me, real time software for VJ (Flash MX)
Studiometis Website : www.studiometis.comLANGUAGES
French, English, German

Interactive Art Wall, interactive public spaces, Fusedspace, Rotterdam 2004
Living Bridges, the bridge as transition space from real to virtual space, Living Bridges, Düsseldorf 2000
Amphibic Living, social dwellings between water and ground, Amphibious Living Architecture, Rotterdam 1999
Virtual Lake, interactive public spaces, Architectuur Zonder Gevels, Amsterdam, 1999
Weststadt, Arrêt de bus, EVAG, Essen 1998, 1st Prize

Showreel Frogdesign, Trailer, industrial design Fair Euromold, Frankfurt 1999, 1st Prize
Biennale International Design Saint-Etienne 1998, invited Designer
Cogitus, lightings, Koizumi Ecological Design Competition, Osaka 1995, 2nd Prize

Azimuts Biennale Internationale Design 98 Saint-Etienne, 1998
Prinz, Cologne 04/2002
Stadtrevue, Cologne 04/2002
Kölner Illustrierte, Cologne 04/2002
Stadtrevue, Cologne 01/2002
Berlin Morgenpost, Berlin 11/2000
50 Jahre italienisches & deutsches Design, 4:3, Kunst und Ausstellungshalle der BRD, Bonn 2000
Form, Frankfurt 03/1997
Form, Frankfurt 02/1996