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Lynn Lukkas

(Minneapolis, USA)



Lynn Lukkas received her Masters of Fine Arts, Media Arts - Photography, Video, Film in 1988 at Rhode Island School of Design, Providence RI. Since 2000 she is Assistant Professor of Art (Time and Interactivity). at the University of Minnesota, in Minneapolis, MN, USA.



This is a short synopsis of what I am thinking about for the site of the coal mine.

For the past two years I have been working on a series of art works that monitor the biological functions of the user's body and employs those
bio-potentials in interactive installation works. I am just now completing a work that employs the users breath to trigger images and sound on the hard drive of a computer.

For the project at the Interaktion Laboratory I am interested in monitoring the users heart rate and developing an interface that would connect a users heart rate to images and sounds projected from the hard drive of a computer. I am interested in working with dancers and musicians on such a project.