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Marija Stamenkovic Herranz

(Barcelona, Spain)


Maria Stamenkovic Herranz has followed a professional dance education since her early years. She has followed her education through countries like Yugoslavia, Switzerland and England where she received a diploma from the Rambert school of contemporary and classical dance, and is currently attending a Doctorate in Scenic Theater Arts in Barcelona.    

Her professional and personal career has marked a big impact and change when moved to the Netherlands while having had the opportunity to work with and collaborate with various artists evolved in cinematography, video, photography and especially when worked in less institutional works. Sharing her body and technique knowledge with young choreographers from the New dance development school in Amsterdam has giving her a broader perspective of a possible interest in deconstructed performance and clearer wish to deepen the body as a poetic or pure technical tool.  

The collaboration with Jan Fabre, Rui Horta, MArtin Butler and el Perro group through the years have given her the ability to extend her range, and she is now interested in investigating and linking today's media and technologies as tools that can facilitate the usage only if in terms of a profounder qualitative dramaturgy and theatrical/dance proposal on scène.  

Currently she is working with Sol Picó at the Catalan NAtional Theater in Barcelona and working further in her own projects and El Perro Group.