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Patrick Delges

(Liège, Belgium)


born in Belgium, speaks french, english and german.

although computers are more and more central in today's tools used in art, they're still not artist-friendly enough. patrick consideres his role as an interface between artists and technology - with its own limits and bugs, ideas and tastes, but quite friendly.

MS in computer science, focused on artificial intelligence techniques (reactive planning for robots),
good knowledge of general programming languages (C, Objective-C, Scheme, Perl, etc.) and
music oriented languages and softwares (Max/MSP/Jitter, Digital Performer, Audiosculpt,
Modalys, etc.)

from 1994 to 1999, worked as computer scientist at the law faculty at the Université de Liège (B),
works since 1999 at the Centre de Recherches et de Formation Musicales de Wallonie, Liège (B) as
computer scientist and musical assistant, for Richard Barrett, Pierre Berthet, Arne Deforce, Claudine Denis, Claude Ledoux, Paulo
Chagas, Mikrophonie ensemble, Hermes ensemble,…

The work mainly focus on realtime electronic treatments, development of software instruments
and interfaces for live interactions,…

Responsible of all the technical aspects of the concerts and sound installations we produce
(amplification, digital and analog mixing, MIDI interfacing,…)

partially in charge of the programmation for the annual "Images Sonores" music festival in Liège (B),
welcomed John Butcher, Phil Durrant, Thomas Lehn, Keith Rowe, Marcus Schmickler,
Voice Crack, Laurent Dailleau,…

autodidact musician, did numerous solo performances with analog synthesizers in Belgium,
also realized, and played on, sound installations in duo with Pierre Berthet (GMEA (F),
Stichting Intro (NL), Musiqu’Action (F), Happy New Ears (B),…)

cofounder and coleader of the record label erewhon,