Internationales Interaktionslabor

Göttelborn (Saarland)





The nearest international airport is Frankfurt. The nearest large trainstation, with trains arriving from all of Europe, is Saarbrücken. Other airports with international arrivals are Hahn (Frankfurt) and Luxembourg.

The Lab in the Göttelborn Mine is located 20 km northeast of Saarbrücken in southwest Germany.


Travellers arriving by airplane (to Frankfurt airport) need to board a train to Saarbrücken, the regional capital. After landing in Frankfurt, determine which terminal in the airport you are (it depends on how you arrive, there is a Terminal 1(A, B, C), and a Terminal 2 (international), one terminal has a long-distance train (ICE) station, and one, Terminal 1, has a trainstation underneath for the regional trains.

Train tickets at Travel Center (below ground) are E 24.oo from Frankfurt/Airport to Saarbrücken, and in 2 hours and 30 minutes you are in our state (Saarland), a direct and very easy REGIO train, via Mainz. There are also faster trains via Darmstadt (ICE cost a little more and take 2 hours). There are bus connections between Hahn/Frankfurt Airport and Saarbrücken Train station as well.

After arriving in Saarbrücken, leave platform and walk to the entrance front door to take bus, or
look at the yellow departure time schedules inside the station: every hour there is a train going, probably from platform 11b, in the direction of Wemmetsweiler or Lebach, take such train and get off at the first or second stop (11 minutes), when the signs say QUIERSCHIED, which is the village near the Mine where the hotels are, 5 minutes from the Lab.

There are also buses departing for Göttelborn, in front of the trainstation, where you will see a street with bus stops/bus terminals. The departing buses will travel to the right (in direction) from where you come out. There are posts where buses leave, ask for the bus to Göttelborn or look at the small black and white bus schedules posted at the bus stops. The bus to Göttellborn has the number 6333. There may be other number/buses going in same direction.



Since 2005, our labn participants are accommodated in the new guesthouse located inside the Coal Mine. The Guest House has 9 rooms or suites, many of them with double beds to allow accommodation of up to 18 participants. A kitchen is available for breakfast, and a nearby restaurant on site also serves breakfast and lunch.


Additional hotel accommodation in the nearby village of Quierschied (10 minutes).

Quierschied Hotels:

HOTEL KESSLER. Grubenweg 4, 66287 Quierschied tel-fax 06897 - 61791

HOTEL Didion. Gasthaus Didion, Am Rathaus, 66287 Quierschied
tel. 06897 61224 (single bed with shower, per night, 26 Euro)


The Lab is in the Coal Mine (Göttelborner Bergwerk). Main entrance is through the newly reconstructed IKS Workshop Building, to which the new Guest House is attached. Inside the Workshop Building is the new Gray Gallery which serves as exhibition space and event space. The lab traditionally takes up residence in the large KAUE building to the north of the workshop building. The lab is located inside the Schwarz-Weiss KAUE, 2nd floor upstairs.

helpful phone numbers:

IKS Organization

Zum Schacht
66287 Quierschied-Göttelborn
Tel. 06825-94277-50 Fax. 06825-94277-19
Magalie mobile: 0160 99151 800 or Johannes mobile 0175 1630 154