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1. Interactive Living: Future Housing

9 July 2004

Intakt Atelier




Marion Tränkle (Intakt)

Jim Ruxton (Intakt)

Igor Torres (Baubar, urbanlaboratorium)

Carsten Diez (Baubar, urbanlaboratorium)

Norbert Schiel (Blieskastel, Virtual Design)

moderation: Johannes Birringer



In this evening symposium, Mario Tränkle and Jim Ruxton introduced the ideas and concepts for the architectural project "FutureHouse" they are working on during the Interaktionslabor. A description of this project, the underlying theory as well as the "models" for the interactive exhibition of the FutureHouse on 17 July, will be published on this site.


After this first part of the interface, the moderator asked the two architects from Saarbrücken, Igor Torres and Carsten Diez (Architekturbüro Baubar, urbanlaboratorium) to introduce the philosophies and practices of their firm. Igor Torres spoke about the social and political dimensions of their work, and their interest i transitkonal spacds and non places. They described several projects and commissions, and a lively discussio followed, in particular about current conceptions of "house", "home", urban living, virtual architecture, the situated and the nomadic, flexible and transitory design.


Finally, Norbert Schiel was asked to present his practice, and he explained that he traditionally was trained as a carpenter and builder, but now has shifted his business towards virtual design and the presentation of 3d-simulations of interior design space, a service he provides for private and business customers who want to "walk though" their future house or building. Norbert Schiel showed a CD ROM presentation of his simulation modeling, and Marion Tränkle also presented a brief historical review of some unusual architectural projects (by Diller & Scofidio, the Smithsons, and Picabia) to address questions of design presentation and visions of the future (and how futuristic design has been exibited to thye public).