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Sher Doruff

(WAAG Society for Old and New Media, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)





Sher Doruff ist Medien-Künstlerin mit mehr als 30 Jahren Erfahrung in der Performance-Kunst. Seit 1994 konzentriert sie sich auf interaktive Performance-Technologien in kooperativen Projekten mit interdisziplinären Künstlern. Zur Zeit ist sie Projektleiterin für die Keystroke Software-Entwicklung, und Kodirektorin der Sensing Presence Abteilung an der WAAG Society in Amsterdam. Sie ist Doktorandin am London Institute und an der Amsterdam School of the Arts.


Im letzten jahr nahm Doruff an dem Projekt "Real-Time and Presence: Composition of Audio-Visual Environments" (Tans-Akademie Hellerau) teil und entwickelte, zusammen mit Orm Finnendahl und Johannes Birringer, die interaktive Telepräsenz Installation "East by West," die im Juli 2002 im Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden, Premiere hatte. Die Ausstellung wurde im Februar-März auf dem Dutch Electronic Arts Festival "Data Knitting" von der V_2 Organization in Rotterdam, Holland, in einer neuen Version ausgestellt.

Doruff, Finnendahl, Arjen Keesmaat und Birringer wollen an einer erweiterten Version von "East by West" arbeiten, die in Kooperation mit anderen Teilnehmern des Interaltionslabors in Göttelborn getestet werden soll.


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Sher Doruff is a digital artist working in the performing arts for three decades. Since 1994 she works solely with real time interactive performance technologies collaborating with interdisciplinary artists. She is currently project director of a software development project, KeyStroke, and co-artistic director of the Sensing Presence department at the Waag Society. She is a doctoral student at the London Institute and a researcher at the Amsterdam School of the Arts.


Last year Doruff participated in the project "Real-Time and Presence: Composition of Audio-Visual Environments" (Tans-Akademie Hellerau) and developed, together witrh Orm Finnendahl and Johannes Birringer, the interactive telepresence installation "East by West," which was first shown at the Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden, in July 2002. A new version of this installation was exhibited in February-March at the Dutch Electronic Arts Festival "Data Knitting", presented by V_2 Organization in Rotterdam, Holland.

Doruff, Finnendahl and Birringer, together with Arjen Keesmaat (WAAG) plan to develop the concept and architecture of "East by West" further, in order to test the possibility of implementing it, collaboratively with the other members of the Interaktions-Labor, on site at the Coal Mine Göttelborn.




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Waag Society is a knowledge institute operating on the cutting edge of culture and technology in relation to society, education, government and industry. With its knowledge Waag Society wishes to make a contribution to the design of the information society. In this it doesn't let itself be lead by technology but instead looks at the possibilities of people, their creativity and culture. The interplay of technology and culture is the driving force of all Waag Society's activities.


Waag Society carries out research, develops new concepts and software applications and initiates the debate in the form of public events on the cutting edge of old and new media. Its research and development programme is focused on the possible ways in which people express themselves, how they can learn and how they can work together using (new) media.


Waag Society distinguishes four programmes: Creative Learning, Interfacing Access, Public Research and Sensing Presence. Also, Waag Society was appointed Center of Expertise for cultural courses and ICT by the Ministry of OCW.

Method :

The applications developed by Waag Society come into being in permanent conversation with and feedback of the various target groups. Special applications have been developed for people with a mental handicap (PILOOT), 10-11 year olds (DEMI DUBBEL), professional visual artists and new Dutchmen (LINKER). The perfectioning of this 'Users as Designers' method is one of the ambitions of Waag Society.

Partners and network:

Waag Society is active physically as well as virtually and on local, national and international level, with indistinguishable boundaries. Its activities invariably take place in cooperation with other institutions and are mostly of an interdisciplinary nature. Waag Society is part of many (inter)national networks and has a coordinating role in some of them, like in the European Cultural Backbone. The succesful cooperation with De Balie and Paradiso has led to a further extension of the Backbone programme with Steim and Montevideo. This renewed cooperation will present itself under the name the VIRMA: Virtual Institute of Research on Mediaculture Amsterdam.