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Ioanna Tsinividi

(Athens, Greece)


Ioanna Tsinividi is a video artist and an independent digital filmmaker.

She completed her studies in Fine Arts (BA in Campus School of Arts, Greece), Theory of Contemporary Art (MA in Winchester School of Arts, UK) and Film Studies (Certificate in New York University, USA). She spent two years in New York where she worked with director Joshua Atesh Litle as assistant director and editor for his latest documentary on the socio-political roots of African and Asian Hip-Hop. Simultaneously she collaborated with ‘A Round World Music Productions’ for the shooting and editing of music videos for performers from South America and Africa. While in New York she has wrote, directed and edited eight video art pieces and one documentary on body percussionist Camile Shuford and worked as a videographer for music, dance and theater groups. After her return to Greece she wrote, directed and edited a long length documentary for Greek National TV about the different dimensions of the notion of ‘struggle.’ Presently she has been working as a videographer for music videos, fashion videos, videodance, documentaries, videos for performances - through her production company, Tsinivideo Productions.