artists participating


I n t e r a k t i o n s - L a b o r



Tzeni Argyriou

(Athens, Greece)

theatre/dance director





Theater -Dance (original productions):

Psycho/Cycle Semio Theater, Athens Greece 2004 Dock11, Berlin Germany

TELOS 11th World Biennale, Athens Greece 2003 Old American Can Factory, N.Y.C 2003

The start of the end One Arm Red, N.Y.C 2002 Endless Laundry Dixon Place, N.Y.C 2002

EROSTUDIES N.Y.C. Fringe Festival 2002

Supermanıs Birth Judson Church, N.Y.C 2001

Warıs lovers Dixon Place, N.Y.C 2001

Three nights and a day Joyce Soho, N.Y.C 2000

Solo for two Dance Space Center, N.Y.C 2000

In out-In or out? Athens Greece 1999

Piano for one hand Isadora Duncan, Athens Greece 1999 Skoufa 56-58 Amorgos Theater, Athens Greece 1998

Karsilamas Rex Theater, Athens Greece 1997


Performing experience in collaboration


Yin Mei Asunder US Tour - Santa Cruise, Los Angeles, Pheinix, Amherst, Albany 2002 Green Tea St. Marks Church, NYC 2003

Bill Young Bent The Duke Theater, NYC 2003 Tour - Portugal, Brazil, Florida 2002

ChameckiLerner Antonio Caido The Duke Theater, NYC 2001

Maria Hassabi Late Night Future DTW, NYC 2002; Lights Tour - Portugal, Yugoslavia, Greece 2001

Jennifer Monson Birds Judson Church 2003

Nina Winthrop 3 Lives and Something Flea Theater, Joyce SoHo - NYC 2000 Electric Lounge, LA 2001; Duel Flea Theater, Joyce SoHo-NYC 2000 Electric Lounge, LA 2001; Prism Joyce SoHo, NYC 2002

Amanda Loulaki There is Something St. Marks Church, NYC 2001 Under my Couch

Colleen Tomas A Day Joyce SoHo, Dance Space Center - NYC 2001 Jeremy Wade Untitled Judson Church, Improvisation Fest., NYC 2003

Luis Lara Blind Date Galapagos, NYC 2003 Improv. Festival Greenspan, NYC 2002

SineQuaNon Jarden Tour - Athens, Rome Biennale, Halkidiki 1999 Buster Keaton Perias Theater, Athens Greece 1999 Fugitives of Chessboard National Lyric Stage, Athens Greece 1999 Garden Tour - Athens, London, Copenhagen, Thessaloniki 1998 Eros and Psyche Dimitris Mitropoulos Theater, Athens Greece 1998 Tender Time Tour - Paris, Athens 1997

Wrong Movıt Trisha has not left Dimitris Mitropoulos Theater, Athens Greece 1998 this house, Aiantas Stockholm, Sweden 1998