Internationales Interaktionslabor 2006


Medienforschungsschwerpunkte im Sommer 2006 / Research Project:


"i-Map"- TransEuropa Projekt

This project is a EUROPEAN COMMISSION Grant (Culture 2000 Framework Program) in Support of Culture

Time Line


October 2nd - October 20th, 2005 First Conceptual Meeting (PACT Zollverein, Essen)

November 21h - November 27th, 2005 lab, Greece

November 26th & 27th Content meeting

January 23rd - 29th, 2006 InterSpace Lab, Sofia

January 28th & 29th Content meeting

April 10th - 16th, 2006 de Waag Lab, Amsterdam

April 15th - 16th, 2006 Content meeting

July 17th - July 31st, 2006 INTERAKTIONSLABOR, Germany: Project Simulation

September 14th, 2006 Performance (Amsterdam, Athens, Sofia)



Through this collaborative inter-media creation process participating artists, scientists and invited guests of varied disciplines - robotics, programming, electronics, performance, architecture, video - will work together to create a challenging and innovative event, suitable for large theater venue presentation, allowing for greatest amount of viewing audiences. Spectators in each presentation venue will be able to actively participate in the advancing of the performance, however defined by a rigid dramaturgical structure.

The purpose in this final phase of the overall project is to connect two main concentrations (Interactive Technologies/Live Performance Arena and Virtual Domain/Society) with an emphasis on a development of a dramaturgical structure capable of fusing these two distinct elements, and addressing the issue of a malleable relationship between technology, art and society. Additionally, through the use of streaming technological capabilities, traditional performance arena will be empowered to address and actively include larger communities of participants, bringing advanced possibilities to both artists and today's audiences.


Participants / Teilnehmer (to be announced)



Events may be scheduled in various locations on July 22 and July 29. They will be announced on our website.



INTERAKTIONSLABOR participants will be housed in the new guest quarters of the Werkstatt der Industriekultur



Allgemeine Beschreibung des Labors
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