5. Internationales Interaktionslabor

Medienforschungsschwerpunkte im Sommer 2007 / Research Areas for 2007



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Having nothing to do, he lit the lamp again and absent-mindedly smoked a cigarette.
A fat but agile spider began to circle around the lamp.
It would be natural for a moth, but it was strange that a spider should be drawn by light.
He was on the point of burning it with his cigarette, but he suddenly held back.

It continued to circle around, quite precisely, within a radius of seven to ten inches, like
the second hand of a watch. Or perhaps it was not a simple phototropic spider.
He was watching it expectantly when a moth with dark-grey wings, mottled with
white and black crests, came fluttering along. Several times its enormous shadow
was projected on the ceiling as it crashed against the lamp chimney; then it perched on the metal handle, motionless. It was a strange moth despite its vulgar appearance.

He touched his cigarette to its body. Its nerve centers were destroyed, and he flicked
the writhing insect into the path of the spider. At once the expected drama began.
Instantly the spider leapt, fixing himself to the still-living victim. Then it began to
circle again, dragging its now motionless booty with it. It seemed to be smacking
its lips in anticipation of the juicy meal.

He had not know that there were spiders like this.

*from Suna no Onna", reflections by captive scientist



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DAEDALUS_ex machina



How to perform a live "tableau" and "install" it inside a 3D virtual game-environment which can be navigated by the audience/user.


The Daedalus team has worked on location, choosing local architectural spaces as a basis for modeling the 3D world in which Nancy will be performing; Walter programmed the 3D environment using the Quake engine , and Scot creates the sound for the navigational jouney into the maze. Walter and the team members have been hacking into the Quake game engine to retroengineer the game interface for live performance.

A presentation of the work in progress was held on Thursday evening, 26th July.




Participants / Teilnehmer



This year the laboratory is dedicated to research and rehearsals. Although there are no public performance events, visitors to the Lab are always welcome.



INTERAKTIONSLABOR participants will be housed in the guest quarters of the Werkstatt der Industriekultur



Allgemeine Beschreibung des Labors/ General Description of the Lab
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