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Luca Forcucci


Luca Forcucci is a composer, performer and sound artist. He focuses on the sonic properties of architectural spaces, immaterial architectures, places, natural resorts and digital environments.

In 2009, he is an artist in residence at the Brain Mind Institute of EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland. This is part of the programme Swiss Artists in Lab.The research is based on emotions, mental imagery and music generated by brain waves (EEG). In 2008, he travels to the Mamori Art Lab, directed by Francisco Lopez in Amazonia, for field recording exploration and deep listening.

During the FIH (International Theatre Festival of Belo Horizonte 2008) and part of Interaktionlabor 08, he explores the sound possibilities, with independent media
choreographer Johannes Birringer, of digital performance.

Luca graduates in 2007 with a Master in Sonic Arts from the Queens University of Belfast. With Eric Lyon and Sile O'Modhrain, he works on electro acoustic works, field recordings and sound installations (with a particular interest for movement, sensors and space as an element of composition).

His project 2 HUMANS & THE COSMOS is a work based on the interaction between live musician and electronic music. The cellist Michael Kott, from New Mexico, is involved in opening a new channel for the cello. The record "Alien Love song", released in 2005 is the result of the exploration.
With Whitman McGowan (poet from San Francisco), a dynamic exchange from the writings to the music is created. From this collaboration exists a live recording called "Caught in the act", released in 2003, with concerts in Europe and USA.

In 1997 he decides to create a musical project in assembling spoken - word and electronic music. At the beginning the texts of Henri Michaud, William S. Burroughs, Shakespeare and Pablo Neruda are mixed with electronic music from turntables. The project is called A-poetik and is later produced by Al Comet (active member of The Young Gods, the Swiss pioneer band in electronic music). The record (300'000km) is released on Universal music during the Montreux Jazz festival of 2001.
Before that Luca is a DJ & producer, who play around European clubs, venues, squats for 15 years, an avid bass player and a promoter of concerts.

His work was presented, among other places, here:
FILE - Electronic Language Festival - Sao Paulo / Brazil, International Theatre Festival - Belo Horizonte / Brazil, Palacio Das Artes - Belo Horizonte / Brazil, SoundPool VI - Köln, SARC - Belfast, Rote Fabrik - Zürich, Palais XTRA - Zürich, Fri-son - Fribourg, L-Usine - Geneva, Bad Bonn Kilbi - Düdingen, La Coupole - Bienne, Reithalle - Bern, Montreux Jazz Festival, Cully Jazz Festival, Institut Suisse - Rome, Institut Français - Ljubljana, Aeronef - Lille, Blue Note - London, Le Bateau Phare - Paris, Le Magasin 4 - Bruxelles, Bastard - Berlin, Stubnitz -Rostock, European Cultural Capital - Stockholm 1998, Gallery Lucy Macintosh - Lausanne, Fringe Festival - Edinburgh Trocadero - Philadelphia / USA, Knitting Factory - Los Angeles Cell Theatre - Santa Fe - New Mexico / USA Onda Sonora Radio - Madrid, La Planète Bleue Radio Show, United Colors of Sound Radio - Amsterdam, Star End-s Radio - Philadelphia, The Dark Room at Pacifica-Radio KPFK Los Angeles, Scanner FM Radio - Barcelona, Elektra Experimental Radio - Bourges, RSR La Première Radio, Couleur 3, Radio LORA - Zürich