Internationales Live Media & Performance Lab:

Participants in the 2010 Lab / Teilnehmer des Labors 2010


Suzon Fuks & James Cunningham (Australia)
Victoria Gibson (Vancouver, BC, Canada)
Thomas DeFrantz (MIT)

Emily Putoff (sculpture artist, and professor at SUNY, New Paltz)
Joff Chafer (Senior Lecturer and Research Fellow, Performing Arts Department,School of Art and Design, Coventry University,UK)
Wendy Chu (Dance Prof. Hong Kong Academy For Performing Arts)
Sarah Dahnke (Masters student Interactive Telecommunications Program, NYU + dancer)

Victor Zappi (Robotics/Engineering/Audio, PhD student at Istituto Italiano de Tecnologia, Genoa, Italy)
Ian Winters (SF video artist, installation/performance artist)
Sara Kraft (SF performance and video artist)

Jennifer Woodin (visual artist, professor at SUNY, New Paltz, New York)

Julia Alsarraf (undergrad, class of 2013, IEar)

Byul Shin (PhD, Communication and Rhetoric)

Eric Ameres (EMPAC Research Engineer)


Workshop director / Projektleitung:

Johannes Birringer

Mark Coniglio


online associates:
Ludmila Pimentel
Marlon Barrios-Solano




Lab coordination 2010: Hélène Lesterlin (EMPAC)

assistant to the curator:

Zhenelle Falk
Artist Services Coordinator
EMPAC Administration
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute