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Ludmila Pimentel



Ludmila Pimentel is a choreographer and Profesor in the school of dance, Department of theory and choreographic creation at the University federal of bahia (UFBA), brazil. she has been studying the interfaces between dance and new technologies since 1993, and creating with some softwares were made specially to computing graphic, dance or interactivity performances, for example: “Storyboard plus”, “3dstudio”, ”LifeForms” and “Isadora”.

Doctoral Degree in Visual Arts and Intermedia (Fine Arts, Politechnic University of VaLencia, Spain), with the sponsor of Alban Programm, artist in residence in the planetary collegium, i-Dat Laboratory, of the Plymouth University , England, with the supervision of the Prof. Dr. Roy Ascott, by the UNESCO-Aschberg/Media Arts.

Master Degree in Communication and Contemporary Culture, School of communication (UFBA), Graduated in Dance and postgraduate in choreographie at the School of Dance, UFBA.

In Brazil she received the sponsor of the Capes and CNPq program to develop her researchers, and some grants of FUNART and Cultural Foundation of Bahia to create her artistic Works : “No Spaces” (1996), “Hybrid” (1997) and Electric Body” (2000-2004). Since 2007 is working togheter with videoartist marianza Carranza in the “Interactive Architecture Bodies Project” (i-Arch), performing in Germany and also in Brazil with the sponsor of the Goethe Institut and Tanzimpulse.

As a dancer, choreographer and a videoartist she already showed her Works in Portugal, Spain, Netherland, England, Germany and USA.


Link to new project with Mariana using Wii remote and Isadora (in 2010):


Ludmila's homepage

Doctora por la Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Espanha, en Artes Visuales e Intermedias, con beca del Programa Alban para la América Latina, investigando sobre la Danza e Interactividad. Es Profesora adjunta en Departamento de Teoria y Creación Coreográfica de la Escuela de Danza de la Universidad Federal de Bahia (Brasil). Tiene Máster en Comunicación y Cultura Contemporanea por la Universidad Federal de Bahia (2000), Licenciatura en Danza por la Universidad Federal da Bahia (1994), Grado en Bailarino Profesional por la Universidad Federal de Bahia (1995), y en Bacharel en Enfermería y Obstetricia por la Universidad de São Paulo (1987). Tiene experiencia en la area de Artes, com enfase en Artes Visuales e Intermedias, actuando principalmente en los seguintes temas: danza y tecnologias digitales, danza y performance, ciberdanza, danza e interactividad, creación con softwares y creación coreográfica. Participante de la "dance-tech", comunidade de artistas y investigadores sobre el tema de la tecnologia en interface con otras lenguajes.
Visualizacion de la tesis "El cuerpo hibrido en la danza: transformaciones en el lenguaje coreografico a partir de las tecnologias digitales. Analisis teorico y propuestas experimentales."