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Vanessa Vozzo


I’m involved in the art field since 20 years. Since 1997 till 2011 I have managed production, performing and interactive art festivals as artistic director,
project manager, event planner, also undertaking stage management and technical supervision roles.

Now I’m executive producer or project manager for projects in close collaboration with artists working in the fields of art, performance and new technologies, such as Marcel.lì Antunez Roca (ES), one of the founder of Fura dels Baus, Venice Art Biennale Catalonia Pavilion/Mabel Palacin (ES), Kònic Thtr (ES), Antonella Usai
(IT), motiroti (UK)….

Since 2005, I have been focusing on performing/visual arts and interactive technology's relationship, in particular on physical/wearing computing. In this direction in 2006 I founded by me, along with some of the University's professors, a platform called Officine Sintetiche (performing arts and digital interactivity) in which I have many roles, from the concept to the artistic direction of labs, performances, festivals and events, but also as technical supervisor and lab organization and trainer.

The platform did many important projects in the last 7 years, with many Italian and international institutions
and artists. (under construction)

So now I’m working in collaboration with the University of Turin. My direct experience means I can cover different roles. I can work in large and diversified teams, with artists, students, professors, professionals. I gladly take on larger responsibilities. There is always a strong bond of trust between me and the artistic
subjects, institutions and organisation. I am very flexible, I can move and I am always open to learn in a serious, creative and serene manner.