International Interaktionslabor X


Images from the labwork / Bilder aus der Werkstatt

Day 1

Shadow photograph of movement by Hayriye KocBasara,, during time travel on August 1, 2013 (c) KocBasara


Vanessa Michielon photographing the shadow of a tree and graffito, "Ich wollte dich nie verlieren" (I never wanted to lose you), Sinking Pond (c) KocBasara


Scavengers of time travel, Old Mine, in front of the fences, most of the old industrial territory is inaccessible this year due to new security restrictions (c) 2013 Vanessa Michielon



time travel

Taking a year equal to 365 days

or taking a year equal to 365 1/4 days


day unit (2(0) = 1) and so forth


2(8) = 256 - a year minus 109 days or a year minus 109 days


2 (9) = 512 - 1 year and 147 days

or 1 year and 147 days


2 (10) = 1024 - 1 year and 71 days

or 1 year and 72 days


2(11) = 2048 - 3 years minus 142 days

or three years minus 143 days


2(12) = 4096 - 11 years and 81 days

or 11 years and 70 days


2(13) = 8192 - 22 years and 162 days

or 22 years and 157 days


the life of centuries in the light of 3(n)

The eternal duel, illuminated by the torches of 3(n)

The staff of victory changes hands, passed from, one warrior of time to another

Waves of two worlds, the alternating spears of East and West, clashing through the centuries


(this calculation can be continued, see Velimir Khlebnikov, The Tables of Destiny, but I may not be alive after the multiplications)


Day 2 - 3

Interaction design tests by Vanessa Michielon and Anna Kroll (using Isadora patches), and sound experiments with Elliott O'Brart and Cameron McKirdy



Screen shots of digital live video tests - Muybridge studies - by Anna Kroll. 08/03 2013 (c) A. Kroll

For further film studies created by Anna Kroll, go here:

Day 4


The group holds a seminar on interactivity, polyphony and closed systems (auto-poiesis) intially inspired by

the theoretical literature made available, especially the Notes on Autonomy by Paulo Chagas.

Shadow with silver box and Malevich square, created by Elliott O'Brart. 4 August 2013 (c) Cameron McKirdy


Sunday night rehearsal featured Hayriye Koc Basara creating a life drawing (mediated by camera/projection) while

Emi Watanabe played flute in new Khlebnikov costume designed by Michèle Danjoux. The perforrmance improvisation lasted

40 minutes and includes several sections of silence, and musical performance (dialogue between Watanabe and Elliott O'Brart on sound processing). Members of the lab

joined Watanabe in the performance space to manipulate the real stones found by Vanessa Michielon. Hayriye Koc Basara drew a landscape of rocks (watercolor) that slowly

changed from 2-dimensional objects to 3-dimensional objects.

Hayriye Koc Basara drawing on camera with Isadora Live feed interface


At the end, Vanessa Michielon showed an excerpt from an experiment filming falling rocks in water,

captured under water with GoPro camera and modified in Isadora. Vanessa is also working on devising an installation-projection of her digital images into rocks on the ground.


Monday - Wednesday, Day 6-7

Labor-intensive rehearsals and tests, following the regular morning seminars. Varous small individual and collaborative projects are under way.

On Wednesday at 5 pm, a second observatory tour was conducted across the Mine campus, and on Thursday at 1:oo pm, the group went up the tall white Mining Tower.

Emi Watanabe (on flute) in new constructivist costumes and Vanessa Michielon in RedMicroDress. Design by Michèle Danjoux.


Thursday: Voice Animation Workshop


Alessandra Ravanelli conducts the day-long workshop on voice over and voice animation, the group rehearses together and builds small films and animations and learns to give voice to the films or 'synchronize' scenes that are done in a different language.

Example 1 (object voices)


The King of the Rocks

(created by Elliott O'Brart, Michèle Danjoux, Anna Kroll, & Johannes Birringer)


Example 2 (language/voice synchronization)

Vom Winde verweht

(created by Uschi Schmidt-Lenhard & Klaus Behringer)




All day rehearsals and choreography workshop // Writing the "Manifesto on Interactive Art"

Michèle Danjoux with Vanessa Michielon and Emi Watanabe preparing rehearsal in costumes/wearables

Cameron McKirdy rehearsing with his visual compositions interacting with LeapMotion interface


Saturday, August 10, 20:30

Public Exhibition of the various works in progress:

performances, installations and interactive art


audience visiting Anna Kroll's interactive video installaton

Vanessa Vozzo's "Oracle" installation


Vanessa Michielo and Em Watanabe (left) in "Stone Rver"; Emi Watanable, Vanessa Mchielon in "Red Microphone Duet with Flute", designed by Michèle Danjoux, projection by C. McKirdy and sound processing by E. O'Brart

live on-camera drawing by Hayriye Koc Basara


farewell performance "Sonic Facade" programmed by Cameron McKirdy and Ellott O'Brart outside on the public square


+ + +


Was ist Interaktions-Kunst? Ein Manifest. (draft)


10 Years of Interaktionslabor:

Vanessa Michielon interview with Johannes Birringer



Allgemeine Beschreibung des Labors/ General Description of the Lab
(english) (español) (francais)