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Miri Lee

(Korea/The Netherlands)

(Miri dancing with BeakHandSpeaker at workshop in Amsterdam/Steim, 2014)


Miri Lee began training in traditional Korean dance in 1988 and she achieved her bachelor degree in traditional Korean dance and trained ballet in modern dance and also graduated master degree in dance education in Seoul. In 2005, she initiated a media dance theater company called 'Plastic Zoo' with director Jong Kak Park in Seoul and presented many art works as a choreographer and dancer. In 2008, she moved to Amsterdam where she joined an improvisation music-dance company called 'Magpie' founded in 1995, directed by Katie Duck, is integrated with an Amsterdam based collective of dancers, musicians and visual artists: Alfredo Genovesi, Colin Mclean, Andy Moore, Michael Schumacher, Sylvain Meret and Lily Kiara, Jack Gallagher.
She has performed numerous improvisation performances with different artists and places in Netherlands, France, Germany, Belgium, US, UK, Austria and Korea, Since 2009 she has worked Magpie improvisation summer course (intensive 5 weeks ) as a adviser to the Artistic Directors and Organization.
In 2009 she participated in "Julidans Artist Lab" as a Korean young choreographer and In 2011, She was selected by "Julidans Festival” to present her work as a dance maker with the project “Poetry” together with Anani Sanouvie (Togo) at Melkweg theater in Amsterdam.

She worked Jeniffer Tee project 'Bolero Forward' performance, choreographed by Jack Gallagher at Pavillion Museum in Almere and 'Gridding Sentences' performance, directed by Jack Gallagher, visual art by Jeniffer Tee at Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. 2012, She collaborated with Jennifer Tee 'Women's Mind' solo performance, Open studio at ISCP Residency program in New York, US and created together with Marjolein Vogels ‘Star Crossed’ 2013 at Stedelijk Museum and 'Rugs and Bones' solo choreography with Jennifer Tee at La Loge in Brussel, Belgium
She choreographed 'lucht' collaboration visual artist Emese Csornai, dancer Manuela Tessi, music Jongkag Park as a premiere in 'Dans in the wereld' in Muiderpoort theater.
2013, she is starting a collaboration project called 'Pastic Zoo' Project with Jongkag Park, collaboration work with different fields of art and artists.
She had worked with many collaboration work with visual artists, Pierre Mansire(FR),Julian Hetzel (NL/DE), Marloeke van der Vlugt(NL).

There is no doubt that her artistic practice is deeply rooted in traditional Korean art. Through her works, She has researched to develop her own artistic languages and methods,
'Imprography' is the title she uses to represent her research in choreographic methodology by using improvisation as a practice and instant composition to execute for performance in live time performance. She explore possibilities from her artistic motifs by placing creative ideas and emotions at the core of her artwork which goes beyond combining artistic and cultural practices from eastern and western cultures in particular to do with both cultures. At the moment, She resides in Amsterdam, The Netherlands