Internationales Interaktionslabor

Medienforschungsschwerpunkte im Jahr 2016 / Research Areas for the year 2016


metakimosphere no. 1

A filmic excerpt from the first public installation of the immersive environment DAP-Lab and assocaties are developing for the MADRID meeting with archtecture teams from Hyperbody (TU Delft) and other collaborators from the METABODY project (under direction of Reverso, Madrid).

Premiere: March 31, 2015, Artaud Performance Center

created collaboratively by by Azzie McCutcheon, Martina Reynolds, Helenna Ren, Christopher Bishop, Seeta Indrani, Cameron McKirdy, Yoko Ishiguro, Barbara Ulaite, Pernille Rübner-Petersen, Johannes Birringer.

SpeakerVeil design by Michèle Danjoux.

The incantations heard from the suspended veil are 'Sacheolga' sung by Korean mudang Sanghyun Jo in ritual performance. Field reccording courtesy of Hae-in Song (2014).


Allgemeine Beschreibung des Labors/ General Description of the Lab
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