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A-Kin (Drew Egan)



A-Kin performing in She / They / Him (c) 2018



Composer, digital artist and performer


A-Kin (Drew Egan) has been collaborating with Zhi Xu and Johannes Birringer over the past months, in a series of studio experiments and sonic/filmic dance explorations of real time processing and synthesis. During these rehearsals and film productions, A-Kin developed a particular relationship to sound recording and reprocessing with dancers, and he also contributed the vocals in the sound processing for Whisper Room (2018). He will be collaboarting as composer and sound artist with Zhi Xu during the dance concert X-Body, September 26, 2018, Artaud Performance Center, Brunel University.

A-Kin completes his MA in Experimental Music at Brunel University on September 9, 2018, with an audio-visual performance titled She / They / Him which is part of a double bill called METAPHYSICAL/ - an evening of performance and sound installation that seeks to explore the metaphysical boundaries of the body, today.
Works by A-KIN and S.A.A.R.A (Sara S. Belle) seek to examine the juncture between performer and audience, the IRL and the URL, the real and hyperreal, and the social structures within which we operate. Both artists explore the dynamics of time, place and physicality and how these, in turn, influence how we interpret the world around us.


A-Kin has released his own music online and performed in numerous concerts and installations. Most recently, he released "Reaching" - is a three track piece that follows a more personal theme then other previous work, delving into explorations of body and gender. This piece more than any feels like a self portrait.
The beautiful artwork is by the ever brilliant @everfae. As ever it’s releasing everywhere online (#spotify #tidal #applemusic #etc )

Check out hismusic on your preferred streaming service under the name A-Kin.