15. Internationales InteraktionsLabor / 15th International Interaction Lab


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Monday 17 July 2018 - Sunday 29 July 2018


International Interaction Laboratory

Interaktionslabor, the media lab founded by Johannes Birringer, recently celebrated its 10th anniversary on the grounds of the former coal mine Göttelborn (Germany). This summer the lab launches a small investigation into the concept of "plein air" - looked at from the intersectons of painting - writing - moving - filming - photographing.



Simón Bolivar, sculpture by Arenas Betancur, Colombia [left] – Condor no. 1. , acrylic, sand. 2017 (c) Johannes Birringer




The founding director of the lab, along with collaborators from previous workshops, has been engaged in an extended performance research project titled "METABODY: Media Embodiment Tekhné and Bridges of Diversity," supported by the EU Culture Programme. This is the second time, after the 2006 Walhalla project, that Birringer was rewarded this prestigious EU grant. The long - term research venture continued the recently founded platform, “Performance Academy,” of workshops for performance-media design, interactional and wearable concepts, and investigations of gestural processes, protocols, and social choreography. The EU project officially came to a close in 2016, but the outcomes of the research and continuing experiments have led to the exhibition of kimosphere no.4 in May 2017 and kimosphere no. 5 in December 2017.



Interaktionslabor and DAP-lab join their partners in the EU, promoting a research practice opened up to acknowledge the relevance of experimental treatments of actuality – of forms of collaborative creation – that may take us beyond the perspectives and protocols of established inquiry as we know it, artistically and academically. Since 2011, we have chosen gestures, costume instruments, and non-verbal communication as focus of the interactive workshops – gestures as practice that is at once aesthetic, corporeal, and political. The metalab offers parallel investigations into the relations between choreography and software, sound and motion-design, movement capture and 3d digital/virtual environment navigation, light and projection architecture.

For information on METABODY please visit the online platform (http://www.metabody.eu/) - Johannes Birringer and Michèle Danjoux have collaborated on the Madrid platforms (2014 and 2015) and directed the London platform (2016) and further development of the kimospheres (kinetic atmospheres) in 2016-17 - documenrtation of the event are on the theory pages.




10 Years of Interaktionslabor:

Vanessa Michielon interview with Johannes Birringer







Interaktionslabor wird geleitet von / is directed by Johannes Birringer

contact / Kontakt : johannes.birringer at brunel.ac.uk



Was ist Interaktions-Kunst? Ein Manifest.




INTAKT Interaktionslabor is supported by private-public partnerships and donations.


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