International Interaktionslabor 2019


Images from the labwork / Bilder aus der Werkstatt


The gallery of resurrected trees

film screening of

"Mourning for a dead moon"

Rain Forest




View over the quarry, north side of the rain forest (local name is 'Horst')

Saturday afternoon



painting on the studio terrace

[All images on these pages are by members of the Interaktionslabor. The forest excursion and studio images were filmed by Klaus Behringer and Johannes Birringer; the moss landscapes are from the Horst forest in Schmelz, the fir tree resurrection was created by Johannes Birringer at his studio]


Heiner Weidmann presents script for "Moss" performance collected from numerous literary, historical, encyclopedic and botanical sources

performance of the script

>>Sunday<< July 28

10:45 writer's workshop

Uschi Schmidt Lenhard directs exercise in autobiographical writing / reading of autobiographical stories and fictocriticism

The texts will be published in German and English soon.

painting lab


. . .

>>Monday<< July 29

rebuilding fence // resurrecting damaged oak trees and re-aligning them //

. ..


the art of seeing things // find what you are not looking for / touch nature and express yourself with color and movement // intercourse with sky, heaven

and earth is like daily food. we drink air, and we grasp what we cannot hold, incredible lightness of being, heaviness of the fragments

of the trees/wood that was planted in our forests that are now dying.


you cannot plant moss, it has no seeds.

creation is filled with beautiful and horrific elements, majesty of horror that we do not often realize but crave as we do the trembling clouds that move above -

we dance under the shadows of a crown, the owl and the woodpecker nearby, waiting.

the eye of the crow follows us.



+ + +


Was ist Interaktions-Kunst? Ein Manifest. (draft)


10 Years of Interaktionslabor:

Vanessa Michielon interview with Johannes Birringer



Allgemeine Beschreibung des Labors/ General Description of the Lab
(english) (español) (francais)