Internationales Interaktionslabor

Medienforschungsschwerpunkte im Jahr 2019 / Research Areas for the year 2019



the 2019 summer workshop will focos on gravity experiments

A further inspiration is drawn from forest knowledge, matsutake foraging and being in the world

reflecting on the materials of the spine and arborescent perception, grave pleasures, transmitted through our bones and fluids, wood and moss touch.

The workshop will include sculptural work with wood and fallen trees. Our forest excursion this year is to the North Side high up on the edge of the Quarry

and then onward to the Hoxfels.

Matsutake 5, with Zhi Xu (c) 2019 Johannes Birringer




>>Friday<< July 26: 18:30 dinner/barbecue outside in the gallery of resurrected trees

followed by discussion of the workshop themes, late evening film screening of

"Mourning for a dead moon"

Themes: Terrestrisches Manifest (Bruno Latour); Agnes Heller / "Das Vermächtnis ist noch in Wirksamkeit" [The legacy is still in effect..]

- in memoriam Agnes Heller, who drowned just a few days ago and whose lecture on her philosophy ("Eine kurze Geschichte meiner Philosophy") we heard last summer in Saarbrücken

Moon /Landing without Atmosphere; fehlende Atmosphäre; wood (Holz) - resurrection of dead trees / moss (Moos) \ Mondbetrachtung in mondloser Nacht /

Moss observation in the Rain Forest

Schreiben/Malen/Fotografieren: Notebook for Painters/Photographers:

Wortmaschinen (Öyvind Fahlström) & "Geknetete Sprache" (kneaded language)


>>Saturday<<: July 27

8:30 - 9:15 Qigong exercise
9:30 Breakfast:
10:45 Walk into the Forest / photography

Saturday afternoon

13:oo - 19:oo Painting and writing / presentations

Heiner Weidmann presents script for "Moss" performance collected from numerous literary, historical, encyclopedic and botanical sources

Dinner and discussion

>>Sunday<< July 28

8:30 to 9:15 Qigong exercise
9:30 Breakfast

10:45 writer's workshop

Uschi Schmidt Lenhard directs exercise in autobiographical writing

Reading of autobiographical stories and fictocriticism


Wood sculpture work / Reforestation

painting lab

Concluding dinner at 18:oo

>>Monday<< July 29

garden project: rebuilding fence and experimenting with a winch to resurrect bent oak trees and re-align them


end of workshop










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Vanessa Michielon interview with Johannes Birringer



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