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Fergus Johnson

(Berlin, Germany)




Fergus Johnson is an artist. They work primarily in movement and dance but also use text and occasionally images. They are interested in questions of queerness, mythology and folk tales as well as collective art-making. Recently they have been experimenting with instant choreographies of movement and spoken poetry. They have also been using tarot cards as a source of inspiration and play. They like to collaborate with their friends, most recently Zuzana Zıabková, Eva Priecıková and Azzie McCutcheon. They don't take themselves too seriously and prefer to be addressed as 'Your Highness Queen Weasel-Diva the Flamboyant'.

They originally studied Fine Arts in the Universität der Künste, Berlin but dropped out to pursue dance programs such as the Dance Intensive in the TanzFabrik, Berlin and SMASH #8. They are currently studying to become a yoga teacher with Amanda Morelli as well as learning through various workshops and dance trainings.
Selected projects and exhibitions:
2019 - Music Video "Operate" by HAVVK with Azzie McCutcheon, James Byrne and Madeleine Shan.
2019 - "The Melancholy of Marissa Cooper" with Zuzana Zıabková, Pawel Dudus, Laura-Eva Meuri, Nik Timková and René Huari in ACUD, Berlin and Creepy Teepee Festival, Kutná Hora.
2019 - "Mermaid" at Lake Studios, Berlin.
2017/2019 - "waiting for a magic Evgus to happen" with Eva Priecıková at Ada Studios, Berlin and Ateliér Malıby, Bratislava.
2017 - “WET (1976- )” choreographed by Maria F. Scaroni. Performed with an ensemble cast in Sophiensaele, Berlin.
Date of Residency: 26.2.2020 – 29.04.2020.