International Interaktionslabor 2021


Images from the labwork / Bilder aus der Werkstatt

filming gallery

During the "riverrun" wandering, ideas were tested for filming-on-location. Here are some of the test shoot images.

. . .

legs in grass


legs on rails


camera person, before and after the train came




painting gallery

. . .

collective drawings and paints created over the weekend:

drawings with charcoal and pencils - first test round, the drawings created together by the whole group, each artist working on a drawing for about 10 minutes and then the drawings were passed on the the person sitting next. After about an hour, the drawings were considered completed.


acrylic paintings on small canvases, all created collectively in the same manner.


. ;

examples of collective painting.


* * *

writing gallery

On Sunday a remarkable day of writing took off after the morning Yoga session. The first catalyst was Heiner Weidmann's workshop devised to pair participants in a rotating sequence, each pair spending 10 minutes together in a "Philosophical Speed-dating" task - two prepared cards with a task (questions posed) were given to the participants.They tried to answer and initiate a dialog. Here is an example from one of the cards:

"...Slogans, die ich von Schutzhund-Trainerinnen entwendet habe: 'Run Fast, Bite Hard!' und 'Shut Up and Train!'.

Mein aktueller Slogan is: 'Stay with the Trouble.'

[Haraway, p. 161]

Aufgabe: Welchen Slogan könntest du in dieser Zeit über dein Leben setzen? Und welchen dein Gegenüber?

Heiner explains philosophic speed-dating


"...the terrifying times under our recent presidents made me switch to slogans purloined from tough schutzhund dog trainers, 'Run Fast, Bite Hard!' and 'Shut Up and Train!'. Today my slogan reads: 'Stay with the Trouble!' (Haraway, p.117, in the chapter "Sowing Worlds").

Task: which slogan could you choose in this time to inspire your life? the which one for the person sitting across from you?


Following this, the group, during a violent thunderstorm, sat inside the house and reflected on what had happened, and then each of them was asked to come up with a provocation - a title for a writing exercise (text, fiction, story, autobiography, philosophical reflection, essay, manual, fictocriticism, fairytale, etc). No limits.

The only rule given was that each participants, after going back out again when the sun returned, would sit on the balcony studio and write for 10 minutes, starting with the title propositioned by them, and the n randomly pass on the draft to the other who would continue the writing.An implicit rule or guideline, barely needing to be discussed, was the motif of continuation in spirit, in an compostitional/composting spirit: therefore, rather then negating or disrupting someone's textual flow, the next writer would carry the narratio forward (in whaterv style unique to them and yet also compostitional to the whole, the collective).

These text became compost, they jelled and fused. The completed texts were then read aloud by all.

Andreas is reading "Frog"


* * *

performance sculpture

After rain, thunder, lightning and hail, the sun came out. The Sunday evening, before the last collective cook out, was dediicated at sunset time to a collective performance on the "extdended canvases -- paper rolls that Johannes had asked everyone to roll out into the garden, in an "uikiyo" overlaid pattern, criss-crossing or paralleling, extending out from north to south.

Then every participant who wanted to draw,. could use charcoal, felt pen, black pencil and drip paint to write or paint using the body to extend themselves into the open air/outside "canvas."

test on saturday evening


Klaus tried to "nail" down the paper rolls with small screws, we also laid down some stones and grass, and a few metal irons onto the paper. We had tested it the night before, and the canvases were blown around by the wind. When the rain started, they got wet and staid in place. During the site-specific performance on Sunday evening, they first stayed in place, then they were whirled around.


The canvas outdoor sculpture was left in place at the end of the workshop, and Johannes decided to leave them on the estate until they would rot and melt into the ground or fly away.




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Was ist Interaktions-Kunst? Ein Manifest. (draft)


10 Years of Interaktionslabor:

Vanessa Michielon interview with Johannes Birringer



Allgemeine Beschreibung des Labors/ General Description of the Lab
(english) (español) (francais)