International Interaktionslabor 2022


Images from the labwork / Bilder aus der Werkstatt


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Arrival at the chalet in the Hasliberg-Reuti, and opening group dinner


Day 1

Excursion to higher mountains

Planplatten (Alpentower) - 2249 m

ascent via lift to Planplatten, then hiking descent (Bergpfad Abstieg) to Mägesalp Station

Planplatten (Alpentower)


return to the chalet and health & safety debate, two members of the team test positive (covid)

Pia Holenstein introduces the writing workshop on postcards (la carte postal). Uschi Schmidt Lenhard and Andreas Lenhard depart.

Later in the evening, two more participants depart and the plein air workshop program is curtailed.


Day 2

Excursion to Rosenlaui Glacier


Discussions and reflections after the Excursion


Day 3


Reflections and Paintings




Day 4


Departure of the remaining participants

All members of the plein air workshop test positive (ocovid) and retreat for recuperation from the infection


Messages (cartes postales) are sent to each other via the whatsapp group and postal service,

and the participants to decide to wait until the agenda of the workshop can be re-initiated



Honig der Phantasie 2 (c) 2022 Heiner Weidmann



Kompostitionen folgen / compostitions will follow after reconciliation





Was ist Interaktions-Kunst? Ein Manifest.


10 Years of Interaktionslabor:

Vanessa Michielon interview with Johannes Birringer



Allgemeine Beschreibung des Labors/ General Description of the Lab
(english) (español)