Manifesto of interactional art




// Emergence means: the inter-actions of individual bodies and processes are happening – and becoming – in a rhythmic space figuration – a potential virtual space-time – transferred from the findings in molecular biology that address self-organizing phenomena. Interaction is becoming of deformation and responding to the amorphous becoming. Thus performance, social choreography and the media machinic coagulate and interoperate. Using a molecular metaphor here, the molecules encounter each other and the mitotic and cytokinetic phases result in complex spaces of movement (cell splits), sound, light, picture, sound, gesture, language, sensation, etc. In a chaotic dynamics, space-body segments and real and digital materialities meet, collide, generating new forms and designs in constant evolution, folding, unfolding. Emergence is like an evolving series of relational events, and techniques of these figurations and deformations will take shape and become modes of behavior. Interaction patterns bring forth events, apertures for expression and conceptual unfolding. In a distributed, self-organizing network of becoming, such inter-action can be recognizable as it can be illegible, stretching from very few to excessive, infinite modulations.//



// Dimensions of interaction //








(c) Interaktionslabor 2008