Internationales Interaktionslabor

18-31 July 2005




1. Interactive Systems




Paul Verity Smith, Martin Dupras, Jeremy Hattosh-Nemeth, Katsura Isobe

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Six Second Dances is a collaborative research project between dancer Katsura Isobe, musician and programmer Martin Dupras, fine artist and designer Jeremy Hattosh-Nemeth and photographer/video-maker and programmer Paul Verity Smith.


The group is attempting to research and define the grammar and aesthetics of interaction between the live gestures of a dancer controlling video/imagery/animation and music stored on computers.


The research at Interaktionslabor consists of systematically exploring the positioning of accelerometers, orient sensors, pressure and bend sensors on Dancer Katsura Isobe's body and  accurately measuring the data created by her gestures.  This data is shared over three computers which respond to her movements with sound and images. The three computers effectively act as an instrument that she plays.


The second area of research is to explore the aesthetics of interaction between live dance and virtual imagery. The group are attempting to define a visual and musical aesthetic that is theatrically effective and attains a level of sophistication that values the craft skills and sensibilities of image makers musicians dancers and performers. The sounds and imagery are inspired by the Göttelborn mine and its environs.



The group are grateful for research funds from the School of Art Media and Design, University of the West of England, Bristol.











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