Internationales Interaktionslabor

18-31 July 2005



Streaming Poesy / Fliessende Posie

by Götz Rogge (Berlin)


Fliessende Poesie (deutsche Version)



"Streaming Poetry" - a project based on observation of the environment (via digital video and microphones) to create a sense of authentic time-flow and poetic vision to reflect the surrounding world (or sense of scale). Using a virtually unmanipulated image, the emphasis is on precise framing, and a motif where it possible (with a little breath) to watch the time 'travelling'. That is always the case where there is process as live activity, nature, decay, sunlight and so on.

The visuals or acoustics will give reflection using nature and a rythm. We shall spread three internet live streams for most possible association (streamed via broadband from our laboratory server)

-one video-stream

- one audio-stream

- one text-stream

they are supposed to run in the same internet- or installation-frame individually as a loop. each loop is different in length and will be extended permantenly (by who is interested). technically it is realised with the Keyworx multiuser software (deWaag), where there is a possibility of interaction. even thou the streams are not exactly connected every media can turn into the other. text becomes sound, video+audio treat text, etc. the aim is a pulse from reality to abstraction to reality and so on...

during the workshop i plan to gather sounds, images and text in the mine as well as the bordering forest where there is a performance-art project on 23.+24. july and feed these contrasting, but inevetably connected landscapes into a internet presentation (possibly a installation, in the tower or the Eindicker) that will last longer than the 'labor' time itself.


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