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no.1 spiff / unstablelandscape / Marlon Barrios Solano

no.2 visionsraum / Paulo C. Chagas

no.3 shedding /




no.3 shedding

(interactive installation/performance)



conceived and created by (Ash Bulayev & Tzeni Argyriou) in collaboration with Patrick Delges (Programming and Sensor Design).


This project is created at Interaktionslabor 2004 taking place in the Göttelborn Mine Complex . The installation/performance is site-specific in nature, inspired by an industrial landscape of the Coal Mine. A location was chosen and restricted, to the old changing rooms, containing thousands of metallic baskets, which in the past served as floating lockers safeguarding miner's clothing. A sort of shedding chamber, a temporary place preceding a decent into vast blackness. The installation includes a pre-recorded film shot in one section of the changing rooms. It was then broken up into 40 or so fragments, each depicting a basket being raised up. The live performance element constitutes a live interaction of one performer and a video environment, triggered by a contact microphone sensing device. During the performance one witnesses a kind of shedding ritual, in the context of a woman cutting all of her hair, one lock after another. As each hair lock falls into a basket, a video section is triggered, following a pre-programmed patch created in Max/MSP software