no.1 Meditations on the Virtual (F. Scott Taylor)

no.2 dresses and emergencies (Johannes Birringer)

no.3 emergence and design (Michèle Danjoux)

no. 4. Bricolage, a design approach for local emergent technologies:
electronic-performance tools and the vanity apocalypse
(Nancy Mauro-Flude)

no. 5. Linux for Theatre Makers: Embodiment & nix modus operandi (Nancy Mauro-Flude)

no. 6 Interactive Intersubjectivity at International Interaktionslabor 2007 (F. Scott Taylor)

no. 7. towards a new manifesto on "interactional art" (in progress)

no.8 critical trackback to the 'Walhalla" game and the organizational process 2006-07(Johannes Birringer)

no. 9 "Interaktion / Kunst / Labor," Saarbrücker Hefte, 98 (2007), 47-50 (Andreas Lenhard, Uschi Schmidt Lehnhard)



Here is a list of published essays and articles which have been produced by members of the Interaktionslabor over the past few years, connected to the investigations that were undertaking in the Lab. A second list shows an overview of some of the exhibited works. A third list (in progress) will give you a detailed overview of the press echo and the writings about the Lab.



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Exhibitions / Performances

2008 Suna no Onna: A movement-design performance and dance installation. Watermans Art Centre, Brentford, London
2007 Suna no Onna: A movement-design performance and dance installation. Laban Centre, London, commissioned by INTIMACY: Across Visceral and Digital Performance festival
2007 Klüver, Design in Motion festival, Prague Quadrennial, Prague, Czech Republic; Microdance and Forum for Film and Choreography, Scenehuset Oslo, Norway
2007 Klüver, “B-Sides” Program at Upgrade! International, Oklahoma City, USA, curated in collaboration with New Media Scotland; international tour, 2008
2006 See you in Walhalla, live game performance collaboratively created with Interaktionslabor and, IME Industrial Performing Arts Complex, Athens, Greece; performed again at Greek Theatre Festival, Athens, summer 2007.
2006 Intimate Klüver / The emergent dress, diptych film installation, DRHA Dartington, UK
2005 Canções dos olhos/Augenlieder, intermedia song cycle, music
by Paulo C. Chagas, dance by Veronica Endo, film/choreography by Johannes Birringer, Interaktionslabor Göttelborn, Germany; Danca em Foco festival, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, 2007; SARC, Queens University, Belfast, N Ireland, 2007
2005 tedr,, three-site telepresence performance (Nottingham, Rome, Phoenix)
2005 The emergent dress, diptych film exhibition, Wearable Futures, Newport, Wales
2004 Gagarin System, multimedia installation, Erfurt, Germany
2004 Xu, Film exhibition, Media Lab, Beijing Dance Academy, China (Prolog for Ensaio sobre a cegueira)
2004 Ensaio sobre a cegueira, interactive opera (Act I), Producer/Actor, Interaktionslabor Göttelborn
2004 Wechselwirkungen, DVD film installation, K4 Galerie für zeitgenössische Kunst, Saarbrücken; Salon Schillo, Dudweiler.
2004 Reappearances, DVD film installation, ScreenPlay Festival, Broadway Cinema, Nottingham
2003 Oracle, Göttelborn Interaktionslabor (with other presentations on the Night of Interactive Media); exhibited also at “Networked Environments for Dance,” Association of
Internet Researchers (AoIR) Conference, Toronto, Canada; "Industrial Culture: Conversion Performances," lecture presented by Johannes Birringer at
Subtle Technologies conference, Toronto, Canada




Texte und Kommentare zum Labor 2007 werden hier veröffentlicht

Texts and commentaries on the 2007 lab projects and related research subjects will be published here.