7. Internationales Interaktionslabor

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Diary 2

by Ludmila Pimentel

Inside this side of the mirror


I believe that I am a sound autistic/artist body. Slowly and slowly, year by year, working with music to dancing, I become more and more sensitive to sounds. It was a technical training during years…

I can really listen to each detail that I have in a composition, not just music but small and delicate sounds, I used to dance with more unusual compositions created with this kind of sounds.
Sounds can enter in my body so easily, and they can disturb me a lot, but in the past I had authorized these sounds to enter…and now it is so difficult to close the door, possibly I lose the key.

Sounds for me, sometimes, bring a lot information, new information for my body, and they can change my equilibrium…On many occasions I really did not want to listen to them, but they already entered…

Last night we had a sound performance of Caroline and Luca. I stayed with my body overthere. I was a litlle bit tired of the day activities, it means, that my body had enough new information for a day…We had been working in a brainstorming about our laboratory ideas after reading the Sybille manuscript. And we had a lot of new ideas to make scenes, linking different kinds of art.

So I could listen to the first music and stay with my eyes sometimes closed, but in the second music I could not stay with my eyes closed anymore, it means, if I stay with closed eyes the sounds enter more and deeply, so I was tired and I wanted, I needed less information, so I just opened my eyes, and then I have other kind of information entering, as the visual spatial information, I can also make some small movements with my hands or legs to help me. It is a way that I used to do, if I want less information.

As an autistic person, many times I really need less contact with sounds, and sometimes I really think about if I will be a deaf person, in this so chaotic and full of sound world I will be happier. I would love to have more a simple acoustic and sound world. I really desire to listen less…it means I could feel less…my body could feel less, sounds always make my body shaking…

I used to live in Brazil many months in a year, and it is a litlle bit complicated for my body to listen so many sounds, because I live in such a noise city, with such noisy neigborhs…when I listened to such hard sounds my whole body vibrated, but my neighbors did not understand this kind of thing…it is normal to make noise for them…

For my sound autism I really think that the solution is to be deaf, or also to die, living in a world without sounds it will be great for my body.…









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