7. Internationales Interaktionslabor

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"Peninsulae of Perception"



Day 1 (July 20)

Arrival of participants, and setting up the studios.

Opening dinner performance


Day 2

11:oo group meeting. introductions and lecture by Andreas Lenhard:

external observations on autism


17:oo Workshop on internal perceptions / The Other Side of the Mirror


sound/recording studio

20:30 sound presentations: Caroline Wilkins / Luca Forcucci


Diary 1


Day 3

11:oo group meeting: installation and participatory structures: perceptions of audience/audience perceptions and distresses


15:oo site excursion: architectures of mining / birds eye views, infinity roads, uncanny valleys, and colosseum.

"collection of heroes" (Sammlung der Helden) in the Eindicker (sinking pond) cellar space.

.. .



improvisation workshop in the Electric Hall, guided by Caroline Wilkins

bird eye view of 10KV Electric Hall

1. objects and fictional story

2. fictional story (in other language) and simultaneous translation

3. re-translation into imaginary onomatoopoeic language and sound, performed in space

.. .




20:30 video presentation of works by Ludmila Pimentel


Diary 2


Day 4

11:oo Planning meeting for recording activities and composition

17:oo recording session (interviews about "The Other Side of the Mirror" and sound questions)

2o:30 video presentation of UKIYO by Johannes Birringer


Periferico de Objetos



Day 5

11:oo Planning meeting for editing activities and composition

17:oo improvisation performance in Electric Hall

2o:30 discussion over dinner regarding politics and art, relational aestehtics/participatory interactional performance and exhibition: how much do producers and artists take audience perceptions into account;; do they have empathy with their audiences.


Diary 3


Day 6

Recording, editing and processing time, composition time

1. Resonancivity

Historical model: Alvin Lucier "I am sitting in a room" (1970)
(He is sitting in a room, speaking, the spoken is recorded, re-recorded, re-played...)

A similar process was used today in the 10 KV ELECTRIC PLANT.
Stefan and Luca had put together a string of samples collected in the environment of the mine. these sounds were edited and then played back. 4 loudspeakers were positioned in the 10KV facing the walls, and the sounds were played/sounded and diffused into the architectural space, and this performance was recorded (first generation). The played sound is now recorded in the manner in which it sounded in the building. This first generation was then played back again, and recorded again, and this process of regeneration was repeated several times. (6 generations). Each time, the "soundscape" or the sounding is received in a new stage of reverberation/resonance with the concrete, material building. After several generations, the original sound object is increasingly blurred and changed, re-mirrored and distorted, and after 6 generations, the now existing sound is quite completely different from the original playback. Its living changes.
The architecture of the building has changed the sound.
The perception of sound in this case is then also a perception of space or of spatial realities or illusions --perceptional structure,: spaces of hearing (sonic spatiality).

2. Hyperbiological Network

Interview session with Luca Forcucci on brain resesarch in Lausanne and his new plans for a performance using hyperbiological network (multiple feedback and re-generating cycles between brain waves and musician/instrumentalist).


21:oo Dinner and music theatre (on film) presentation by Liquid Penguin: excerpts from Schrödinger's Katze and Bout du Monde


Day 7

11:oo Arborescent Movement Warm up. Planning meeting for editing activities and composition and projection

17:oo improvisation performance in Electric Hall. Ludmila, Caroline and Uschi begin work on movement characters in the space

Testing different locations for the audio diffusion system

Katharina in her new paper dress


20:oo Lucca Forcucci presents overview of his reseaech at Brain Institute, Lausanne, and plays examples from his compositions.

Alien Love Song

. Shown on video from a live  version of the title of my Album 2 Humans & the Cosmos.
The live version quartet includes Michael Kott (Cello, Santa Fe, New 
Mexico, USA), Vincent Pellet (trumpet, Switzerland),
Yannick Oppliger (Drum, Switzerland) and Luca Forcucci (Composer, 
laptop, Italy),

Movie of Alien Love Song

(by Alain Margot).


The Fall

(May 2009)
This acousmatic piece has been composed to accompany a sculpture at the opening of the New Conservatory of Neuchâtel, Switzerland. The sculpture is a meteorite. The composition questions the relation between the space and the place and their intrinsic properties. How integrate the sound of the place of performance into the performance? Where the sculpture stand, 2 strong elements appeared: the sound of the trains and the view of the lake.

The analogy between these 2 elements is the sonic frequency that we can find in either the sound of the train (in the composition this is also « un clin d’oeil » to Pierre Schaeffer) and the sound of the waves or the river going into the lake. The Fall refers to the meteorite sculpture and not to a book of Albert Camus, to a Punk band or to a economic reality.


Unplugged impression 2009
Stereo piece

Programme Notes
We are living an acceleration and a mutation of our lives; ubiquity is for everybody, with our mobile, with the web, etc. A frenetic new way of living. As Felix Guattari stated in “Les Trois Ecologies” (Guattari, 1989, Galilée, Paris), a new approach to our relationships is necessary “An ethno-political articulation, that I called ecosophy, between the 3 ecological registers, the one of the environment, the one of the social relationships and the one of the human subjectivity” My piece proposes to enter these issues by listen to the natural environment, the full immersion in an unknown world. The social relations here are those of the fauna: have we never dreamed of the precision of an anthill or a hive. How to transpose this to a sound form? Finally the human subjectivity must come naturally from such a spectacle.


this ends the process for the first week





Was ist Interaktions-Kunst? Ein Manifest.







Allgemeine Beschreibung des Labors/ General Description of the Lab
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