7. Internationales Interaktionslabor

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Diary 3

by Ludmila Pimentel


Inside this side of the mirror/Constructing a glass dress


Hi Michèle,
I am Ludmila Pimentel, and I am one of the Gottelborn workshop participants,
so we are working with a lot of ideas and one of them that is something
like creating a glass dress,
we desire to construct some dress that can give strong sensation,
in the autistic person many times a normal cloth can give strong sensations,
so as normal body how we can feel strong sensations??
one idea that is, to construct a glass dress...
I hope you can come and enjoy togheter
make a good trip,


Hello Michèle,

I found this kind of material in the mine,
I thought that is possible to construct a dress and also some "jewelry", rings,
as diamond collection...

the one thing that is so good in this material is that inside the glass there is some net made
by small lines of iron, can you see??
and it is the answer to make "glass" something modellated, shaped...

we can make a glass and just exposure, but also we can make a performance with the dress and the jewerly...
enjoy and
see you

Hello Ludmila,
What an interesting idea to construct a glass dress... I would be interested to hear more, the way you will work with proportion, shape/silhouette, fit/relationship to the body, textures (smooth, etched, cracked, transparence, reflective...). Do you imagine there will be any particular design features and methods of construction... Does the glass dress become a habitat, a place of refuge for the body? Strange because in a way if we are clothed in glass we become very visible (unless you use one way reflective glass/mirror) and vulnerable, breakable, shatterable... Would the glass be shatterproof, or is it already small fragments that come together?
So many questions and of course you might want to do a search on some of the more conceptual fashion designers such as Lucy Orta, Hussein Chalayan, Martin Margiela, Viktor and Rolf, Comme des Garcons to name but a few. Google ‘Glass Dress’ and it yields much.

Have you looked at other glass products (Chilhuly does amazing work) and stories surrounding glass products, e.g. The glass slipper of Cinderella springs to mind. Think about glass as a fabric and also consider the raw materials and processes that create it, think about its recyclable aspects and so on. I just began searching and discovered that
“The term glass developed in the late Roman Empire. It was in the Roman glassmaking center at Trier, Germany, that the late-Latin term glesum originated, probably from a Germanic word for a transparent, lustrous substance.”
You are right next to Trier, Johannes knows it well... So it makes total sense to work with glass in terms of cultural and historical connections.

Hope this is helpful and I really look forward to seeing what you produce.
Best Regards, M.






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