Peninsulae of perception / Halbinseln der Wahrnehmung


no.1 Bout du monde (Ende der Welt) by Liquid Penguin

no.2 Ukiyo (Moveable World) and Audiophonics by Johannes Birringer

no.3 Performer-Instrument by Caroline Wilkins

no. 4 Kinetism by Luca Forcucci

no. 5 Temporary Spaces by Luca Forcucci

no. 6 Disappearing Spaces/ The Art of Disappearing by Verena Leuken

no. 7 Time and Out of Time

no. 8 Silence by Feresteh Vaziri Nasab

no. 9 When Silence Swallows the Dancer by Wiebke Hüster

no. 10 Resonation & Resonancivity by Johannes Birringer

no.11 Halbinseln der Wahrnehmung.… zum Beispiel Autismus by Andreas Lenhard

no.12 Research links coordinated by F. Scott Taylor

no. 13 Auditorily-induced illusory self-motion: a review by Aleksander Väljamäe

no. 14 Auditory Distress as a Conceptual Basis for a New Approach to Music Theatre by Pieter Verstraete

no.15 ‘Sensibilisation towards theatre’
Theatre games involving objects, communication, space and sound.
A workshop led by Caroline Wilkins

no. 16 Mecanica Natura by Caroline Wilkins



building buildings & appearing spaces

case study: EMPAC

(Curtis R. Priem Experimental Media & Performing Arts Center, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York, USA).





Texte und Kommentare zum Labor 2009 werden hier veröffentlicht

Texts and commentaries on the 2009 lab and related research subjects will be published here.