Internationales Interaktionslabor

Medienforschungsschwerpunkte im Jahr 2013 / Research Areas for the year 2013


The lab started up on Wednesday, July 31, with the group celebrating the first evening of togetherness with a meal and a long conversation.

Daily Schedule / Tagesablauf


Thursday 08 / 01

10:15 Warm up

11:30 Conceptual Seminarformation of leitmotifs and themes for work

14:30 work in the studio / technical introduction

former "Mannschaftsgang"/crew walk corridor of the miners on their way to tower and elevator shaft, now locked up and inaccessible

17:30 Observatory 1 (walk into the Mine)

21:00 evening rehearsals


Friday 08 / 02

10:15 Warm up

11:30 Conceptual Seminar, followed by individual film shoots /editing work

21:oo evening rehearsals


Saturday 08 / 03

10:15 Warm up

11:30 Conceptual Seminar (rock animation, loop films, chronophotography, LeapMotion programming and virtual instruments)


Cameron McKirdy brings the new interface instrument (LEAP) to the group rehearsals (we see Elliott playing with it in photo above)

Individual film shoots /editing work/project development


Sunday 08 / 04

7:30 film shoot

10:15 Warm up

11:30 Conceptual Seminar on polyphony and complexity (systems design). Paulo Chagas: Notes on Autonomy

Individual film shoots /editing work followed by evening rehearsals

Improvisation on rock drawing and flute


Emi Watanabe performing with flute // Hayriye drawing with live feed




Monday 08 / 05

10:15 Warm up

11:30 Conceptual Seminar

Elliott in time, from left to right (c) Cameron McKirdy

21:oo evening rehearsals


Emi Watanabe, Flute solo with Tower (l); Vanessa Michielon, Anna Kroll and Emi Watanable, Square Dance in front of Guest House at midnight


Tuesday 08 / 06

10:15 Warm up

11:30 Conceptual Seminar

Observatory II (excursion into Mine)

Johannes Birringer climbing old mining tower (45m)

Anna Kroll balancing old train tracks near sinking pond

21:oo evening rehearsal


Wednesday 08 / 07

10:15 Warm up

11:30 Conceptual Seminar on Interactive System design

"Notes and Keywords from the Seminar"

Individual film shoots /editing work

21:oo evening rehearsal


Thursday 08 / 08

10:15 Warm up / Observatory III (white tower)

. . .

(on the way up in elevator to the top of white mining tower, 90m)

11:30 - 23:oo


voice, film, animation and synchronization

with Alessanda Ravanelli (Vienna)

(open to the public)

stones meet at the old house


Friday 08 / 09

10:15 Warm up

11:30 Conceptual Seminar

Individual film shoots /editing work

21:oo evening rehearsal

Saturday 08/10



20:30 Vernissage / Opening of installation-performances

(open to the public, entry free)

"Stone River", choreographed by Vanessa Michielon

go here for VIDEO (Stone River)

go here for VIDEO 2 (RedMicro Duet in the 10th Country)


Sunday 08/11

breakfast and cool down meeting

seminar on documentation


artists departures



Was ist Interaktions-Kunst? Ein Manifest.


10 Years of Interaktionslabor:

Vanessa Michielon interview with Johannes Birringer




Further notes on design and performance concepts are published on this site.





Allgemeine Beschreibung des Labors/ General Description of the Lab
(english) (español) (francais)