Manifesto of interaction art




// Real-time means: through the interfaces something is created that will be produced in the present time, i.e. input information into the system is processed, such as certain movements or activities in space, the computer analyzes and converts the data in real-time media putputs, thus feedback and transformations are directly perceivable in the sensing space through the projections of the output systems (images, sounds, graphics, 3D virtual worlds, avatars, etc). Interaction is immersion in these circuits and feedback rhythms. The result is a communion of simultaneity and successive concrescent experiences of the visual, aural, tactile, haptic and kinetic – the multiple senses of the real and the abstract.
Real-time interaction between humans and computers has become possible. The objective of interaction art is to invent systems that generate satisfactory challenges and invitations for the user, i.e. to create work that indeed makes a meaningful connection between different levels of visual, sonic, tactile and kinesthetic experience, provoking multiple translations between aesthetic sensitivities. //

// The present time is the future time of potential interactions //





// Dimensions of interaction //








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