Internationales Interaktionslabor



Intermedia Songs:

Songs of Eyes / Augenlieder

interaktive sound-dance & music-DVD installation

created by Paulo C. Chagas (Brazil/California) / Johannes Birringer (USA/UK) / Veronica Endo (Paris/Peru)

(Veronica Endo in Augenlied 5)


Canções dos olhos (by Paulo C. Chagas)



o visível

mas não ver

a cegueira

do visível


o invisível

a qualidade


da cegueira

Ser cego,

é não reconhecer

a cegueira do mundo,

É ver o visível


diante dos olhos

É ver o mundo

através do translúcido

olhar da cegueira.

(photo by Klaus Behringer)


Ensaio sobre a cegueïra (Blinde Stadt) (phase 1)

Songs of Eyes (phase 2)


Ensaio sobre a cegueira/ Songs of Eyes is a intermedia song cycle developed in the framework of the 2nd and 3rd International Interaktion-laboratories.

This project is conceived as an intermedia DVD installation, created with a unique multi-channel sound environment. Compositional elements include and combine voice (soprano), processed voice, dance, digital film, and the environment. The performers participte in the live synthesis of the music and sound environment through interactive sensors-textiles which are built and developed in the DAP Lab in Nottingham.

The theme explored in this intermedia song cycle (with a libretto adapted from José Saramago¹s novel “Blindness³ and Paulo C. Chagas' poem "Canções dos olhos") involves different kinds of blindness: physical, emotional and political.

The model is conceived as a five-channel DVD or digital sound-film installation; the prototype will be exhibited in 2005 at music und electronic art festivals. In 2005-06 the new work will be redesigned for a full stage version with musicians and soloists.

The intermedia composition examines the processual dimensions of synaesthetic experience.


(The images below are from first technical rehearsal in the Gray Gallery)



music by Paulo C. Chagas

choreography by Veronica Endo

soprano: Hannah Morrison

film by Johannes Birringer







Programm Erste Woche / First Week Program



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