4. Internationales Interaktionslabor

Medienforschungsschwerpunkte im Sommer 2006 / Research Areas for 2006

"i-Map"- TransEuropa Projekt

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i-MAP is a one-year interdisciplinary collaborative project implemented through a trans-European network of four participating media art organizations, dedicated to fostering new and innovative works of art through effective integration of interactive technologies and live performance practices.

i-MAP's primary aims are to support research and analysis of new media technologies, education of professionals in their use, and a backbone for development and presentation of co-productions on a trans-European level. Additionally, this project aims at opening a European discourse examining the way today's society interacts with technology and integrates its benefits into the structure of global communication, and the way in which digital art is changing our perception of the world.

i-Map website


Final Co-Produced Event: See you in Walhalla

A streaming, telekinetic performance event is created as the closing phase of the project. Through collaborative inter-media creation process, developed simultaneously by four teams of artists in co-organizing institutions (media artists, directors and choreographers, programmers and software developers, as well as performers of various mediums), a fully developed dramaturgical structure for a COMPUTER THEATRE-GAME will be created in order to integrate elements of interactive media and new technologies with live performance practices.

This telekinetic performance/installation event will be simultaneously presented in three European venues (Greece, The Netherlands and Bulgaria) on September 14, 2006. These venues will have fully interactive capabilities, allowing for live control of media in all three locations, creating a shared virtual environment, guided and utilized by the participating artists. A complex platform solution for broadcasting of audio/video data, StreamStudio, developed by InterSpace Media Art Center, will be adapted specifically for this purpose.

The proposed structure for development of this performance/installation event will be achieved through four planned Core Research Laboratory periods hosted by each of the co-organizing institutions through out the year. The achieved results and prototypes of each Laboratory will be presented and tested by participating artists and general public during the last Laboratory stage at Interaktionslabor Göttelborn in July. (see Project Timeline).

Four teams with specific concentration will work together, contributing their specialized expertise through a collaborative model of exchange.


The research and development process in-action at the Interaktionslabor Göttelborn can be monitored via our webcams and the bulletins and theoretical texts published on this website.



Project Partners

amorphy.org (Athens, Greece) Lead Project Facilitation and Development - Ash Bulayev & Tzeni Argyriou, Ioanna Tsinividi

InteraktionsLabor (Göttelborn, Germany) Research and Development - Dr. Johannes Birringer

InterSpace (Sofia, Bulgaria) Development of Streaming Technologies - Galia Dimitrova, Petko Dourmana

De Waag (Amsterdam, Holland) Development of Sensing Technologies - Sher Doruff, Floor van Spaendonck


i-MAP is supported by the Culture 2000 Framework Program, the Ministry of Culture of the Saarland, Goethe Institut, Red House For Culture and Debate, IKS IndustrieKultur Saar Gmbh, IME Research Facility, Ipsilon Production Company, Brunel University, i-DAT University of Plymouth.

Interaktionslabor 2006 is supported by DeepWeb gmbh, Willi Meiser Computertechnik Göttelborn, Future Tech Quierschied, intraNET Systemhaus GmbH Saarbrücken, and Knecht VeranstaltungsTechnik




Participants / Teilnehmer



This year the laboratory is dedicated to research and rehearsals. Although there are no public performance events, visitors to the Lab are always welcome.



INTERAKTIONSLABOR participants will be housed in the guest quarters of the Werkstatt der Industriekultur



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