Manifesto of interactional art


// Interaction is the new (art) form of social processes of creative collaboration:
its libretto is written by all those who like to know what the future will bring




The principles of interaction as a social process


// Interaction is not art in the traditional sense but direct participation in feedback processes and physical-synaesthetic experience //


// The practice of interaction is embedded in the architecture of the digital nature: all the compounds of the present and future are technical communication links and interfaces, networks of material information aesthetics //


// There are no autonomous art works any more //


// Aesthetic and sensory experiences are real-time processes of implementation of body-machine links //


// Interaction means differentiation and simultaneously interchangeability of biology (organism) and technology (system) //


// What emerges rapidly decays and is in turn recombined anew: interaction is ongoing dynamic mutation according to the three basic principles of complexity, emergence, and real-time //


// Interaction is the victory over the sun //




// Dimensions of interaktion //








(c) 2008