Internationales Interaktionslabor

18-31 July 2005



1. Interactive Systems:

Paul Verity Smith (Bristol)

Martin Dupras - Electroacoustic Musician/Programmer ; Jeremy Hattosh-Nemeth - Graphic Artist/Multimedia Artist; Katsura Isobe - Dancer


Visual studies of lab rehearsals and on-site film shoots


rehearsal with Katsura

Katsura dancing on location in the Mine




2. Streaming Poesy

"Fliessende Posie/Streaming Poetry": after the Hörspaziergang

Götz Rogge (Berlin)


3. "Intermedia Songs"

Blindness/The Eye: interaktive sound-dance and music-DVD installation.

Paulo C. Chagas/ Johannes Birringer / Veronica Endo





Nights of interactive media are scheduled on July 29 and 30, seminar-gallery, 20:oo





Allgemeine Beschreibung des Labors
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